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    Hi guys, I'm looking for the Best bang for few bucks to run LE. I'm actually using an odroid c2 in my home (absolutely satisfied) and I'd like to get another media center for my parents' house. Problem is, the c2 is quite pricey so I'm looking for a cheap box that works fine almost out of the box. Lurking the forum i found the tap 1 tv box was a good performer for about 30 euro, unfortunately I can't find it (sold out). In the same price pattern, would you suggest a good box with no issue on WiFi? Always 2gigs/16gb as base; I'm wondering if the aml 912 is now a better choice than the 905x.

    Any suggestioni would be highly appreciated. Thx!

    Dear all, I'm dealing with a brand new leia 24 installation.

    It's Great, thx to Raybuntu for his stunning work.

    Got two questions, though:

    1 - I can't get libretro working due to an unexpected error, saying that the dependency 1.0.33 could not be satisfied. (IARL as well as emulators that require that dependency, can't find it anywhere).

    2 - got some remote probs with remote commands, both from tv remote (cec) and from kore, as well as with an usb wireless remote. Sometimes, commands get stucked as if the System freezes, after few secs everything is restored (a sort of sinc). Sometimes, double clicks or commands are received even if a single click is performed.

    Could anyone confirm these flaws in leia 24 and eventually, is there a workaround to fix them?


    Hey kszaq, do you plan also to have an odroid C1 image ready to be flashed?
    As far as I remember it's S805 based.... I tried the only LE8 build for the C1 but all your work on libCEC is missing, hence CEC simply does not work (with Openelec my C1 worked like a charm with CEC, so it's not an hardware-related prob...)

    thanks ;)

    Dear all,

    I'm having a strange problem with an odroid C2 running libreElec.

    HDMI CEC works out of the box on both the TVs in my house, but specifically on a Toshiba 46" the video connection keeps disconnecting (glitches, they last typically a second) every now and then when an input comes from the TV remote controller.

    I tried to connect the C2 to another port which is not ARC / CEC compatible using an air mouse and substituting the HDMI cable... but got the same result; every key I press on the air remote controller, the screen disconnects and re-connects ..

    Oddly enough, I tried the entire set of tests on a little 24" Sony Bravia... I have no issues at all.

    So I guess that the problem relies on Pulse drivers with the specific HDMI implementation by Toshiba.

    Another element to be evaluated: before the C2, I had an odroid C1 CEC enabled running OpenElec and these strange "glitches" occourred a couple of times in .... two years.

    I make a recording on the issue, in order to clarify what the problem is. (in the video, I was just on the youtube plugin scrolling down results on "most wanted" video section... got two glitch in few seconds):

    If anyone could guide me (yeah, I'm quite a n00b on LE) on how to troubleshoot the problem (maybe any log could be helpful, but I don't know where these are eventually located or if it's necessary to enable a trace, I don't know)... well, that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks everybody,

    M. :shy:

    EDIT: I found out the cause of this odd behaviour: the psu .
    Changed it with another one I had and no issue so far... beware of cheap psu :)