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    I received my Beelink Mini MXIII II (S905x, 2G/16G Beelink label and Beelink boot logo) last Thursday and never had any boot issues on this box. I'm not running kszaq's Jarvis build on this box but kszaq's Krypton build LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.0-devel-20161223194610-r25062-g308adcf.img.gz which share the same kernel. Processor temperature reading is always normal. The only problem I have with this build is pixel shifting that makes subtitles unreadable. Android firmware version on my box is 108M0. Processor revision is 020a.

    I had another box Mini M8S II (S905x, 2G/8G) bought 5 months ago and running the same build, also no boot issues. The same build could rarely boot on my M18 or MX64 (both S905, Android firmware version 106L1).

    Just found a link to download the latest Android firmware 108L1 for my M18 (and MX64). Not sure whether it works and also fix the temperature sensor problem but I definitely will try. Even if it works I can still live with no processor temperature reading. I have been living with this for almost 10 months anyway. Most important thing is my wife won't smash the box because of too many boot failures.

    minimoe Is this on S905X device? If yes, this will be fixed in a next build. If not, I need to look into this again.

    I also experienced the same thing, but only on the S905X devices. The outline (black in color) of subtitle seems shifted to the right and messed with the subtitle. As minimoe said, it was reported before with photo of the screen.

    I can attach my remote.conf if you wish when i get home tonight. I made all the buttons standard but put codecinfo mapped to the red button and stop to the green and play/pause to the green. all of which works great for me and how i wish to use it.

    Thanks for sharing your custom Beelink M18 'remote.conf'. As a matter of fact, I use a Logitech Harmony remote with the M18 (to control TV, AVR and M18) but only a few buttons could be mapped and no media control (e.g. play, pause, stop) is possible. By remapping the colored button on the M18 remote to media control function, I could map them on my Harmony remote as well.

    Why don't you use them on those 2 boxes? Because I try all kinds of ways to make it work and fail. Is that mandatory?

    Because these 2 boxes came with a different remote control with different coding. Mini MXIII II, however, can use the attached remote.conf despite the remote control looks a little different from M18.

    In case you got a Beelink Mini MXIII (boot with Beelink logo instead of teddy bear), it uses a different remote.conf file.

    Thanks wkchick. I've been copying the conf file I have into config files and rebooting. Do you use this method?

    I usually copy the remote.conf file to the root directory, but you can copy the file to the configuration files folder and reboot. I just can't recall which one has the higher priority. kszaq already told us about this.

    Not sure it's related but stormrev's few post back reminds me to check the Android firmware version in addition to the processor revision. Both boxes (M18 and MX64) that have boot issues are on firmware 106L1. My MiniMX (processor rev 020b) of which I didn't find boot issue is on firmware 107L1. My Mini MXIII (s905 rev 020c 2G/8G) of which temperature sensor reading was available with kszaq's Krypton build on Dec 4 also on 107L1 (MINI MXIII_107L1 Apr 25 2016).

    I can't find firmware version newer than 106L1 for my M18 or MX64, hence I can't say whether it's the underlying cause of boot issue.

    Poida, my MiniMX, also bought from Gear**** boot with a Bear logo. Their newer products such as Mini MXIII and Mini MXIII II use the newer Beelink boot logo.

    vzone, if your S905 revision is 020c, there shouldn't be any boot issues at all.

    kszaq, test your 'Temperature Sensor disabled' build on my M18, no more boot issues! I guess there's a bug in the Amlogic processor. That's why they had a newer revision. I can read processor temperature on my Mini MXIII even with your Krypton build on Dec 4.

    It uploaded as planned and I have turned on and off 5 times with remote and it boots perfect on each occasion. Hope this of some use.

    I also own a Mini MXIII (2G/8G) and there is no boot issues. I would like to summarize boot issue of different boxes I have.
    Mini MX (S905 Rev 020b 1G/8G), no boot issue.
    M18 (S905 Rev 020b 2G/16G), boot issues
    MX64 (S905 Rev 020b 2G/16G), boot issues
    Mini MXIII (S905 Rev 020c 2G/8G), no boot issue.
    Mini M8S II (S905x Rev 020a 2G/8G), no boot issue.
    Mini MXIII II (S905x Rev 020a 2G/16G), no boot issue.

    They are listed here in the order that I bought them. 'Rev' is the processor revision shown on the 'Hardware Info' page under 'System Info' tab. Of the 6 different S905/S905x boxes that I own, only M18 and MX64 boxes have boot issues. They have several things in common:
    1. They both use device tree gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit_OTG_Port (could there be problems with the dtb file?)
    2. They both came with a power button.
    3. They both equipped with OTG port.
    4. They both have dual band (2.4/5GHz) WiFi (Mini MXIII II also have dual band WiFi but definitely use a different chip)

    kszaq, did I do something wrong? The 2nd test image even failed on the 1st boot, i.e. it can't resize the ext4 partition, create directories and copy the file it need to the ext4 partition. For boot issues before, this step could definitely be completed.

    UPDATE: My bad, I copied the wrong dtb.img (use gxl instead of gxbb), will test again now.

    UPDATE2: Even with the correct dtg.img and no matter how hard I tried, the box just hang in the boot ('Google TV') logo. I put the mSD card in a Mini MX (no boot issues), it hang at the bear boot logo.

    kszaq, the version you pulled off from the server is a little better. The latest version failed on the first reboot on fresh install from mSD, i.e. after resize Ext4 partition and reboot. Reboot had never been successful without shutdown my AVR and perform a power up reboot. FYI, I connect HDMI to my AV receiver and kept ethernet connected all the time. I usually deactivate Wireless connection during the 1st setup and I already turn CEC off but boot issues remained.

    My box is M18 (S905 2G/16G using device tree gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit_OTG_Port.dtb). I checked 'Hardware Information' page under the 'System Info' tab, processor revision is 020b and can read the processor temperature with this test build.

    kszaq, Thanks so much you even work on this project on the New Year's day.

    I tested your latest 'boot_testing' build. I kept reboot the problematic 'M18+TV combination' 6 or 7 times without a single miss. Then a message prompt on the lower right corner saying that there is something wrong with 'Pulse-CEC adapter', I checked the CEC setting and make sure CEC is enabled. Then the next reboot started to fail. I check my TV, it didn't listed the M18 on the CEC list (means CEC is not working at all). Unplug the power to the M18 didn't help. I had to turn off my AVR (which also CEC enable) in order for the M18 to boot again and boot issues returned! I tried power up reboot (unplug and plug power) so many times, only turning my AVR off didn't help, then I found M18 is on the list of CEC devices of my TV, which means I need to turn both TV and AVR off in order for the M18 to boot.

    EDIT: I thought disabled the CEC would help but I was wrong. After 4 consecutive successful reboots, it failed again on the 5th one and thereafter.

    rkmfl, I am not the right person who can give you any advice. I believe you have more experience than I as you started flashing with S805, S812 boxes until it was no longer supported. I just came up with an idea if you want to try.

    Presume that it was the u-boot of your Android firmware that doesn't support (or allow) boot from mSD and you did flash the original Android OS using Amlogic's USB Burning Tool so many times. Is it possible to flash another Android of other boxes (e.g. 106L1 or 107L1 for Mini MX) with its u-boot that surely support boot from mSD? Of course, some functions (e.g. ethernet, bluetooth, remote control etc.) of your box might not work again when you boot to Android OS but you can boot LE. After all, you planned to flash kszaq's LE build to internal ROM and worse case scenario you can flash the original Android OS back.

    rkmfl, Your box definitely is different from mine. Where you have your AV port, it is always SPDIF output on mine.
    You're right, the RESET switch is inside the AV port where you can feel the click when press it with a toothpick. For me, I can't reach the RESET switch thru the tiny hole on the bottom with a toothpick.

    If your box is running Android 5.1 then it must be S905. All boxes I knew that equipped with S905X are running Android 6.0, although there's not much difference you will notice. The reason, I believe, is because of Amlogic.

    It's no much difference if you use device tree of 100M instead of 1Gbit, only the ethernet doesn't work. It can still boot.

    Perhaps you knew about boot issues of recent 7.90 or builds. In may case, it stays at the box boot logo. If it is a fresh install, it only fails to boot the second time, i.e. after the ext4 partition was extended.