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    I was running beta5 (no issues) - upgraded to 8.0.0a and lost use of the stock remote. My box is Mini M8S II (S905X). USB mouse/keybaord work fine.

    I just updated to 8.0.0b and still no stock remote.

    Any ideas?

    I also own a Mini M8S II (S905X, 2G/8GB) and updated to 8.0.0b, and stock remote is working without problem. Of course, I always put the corresponding remote.conf in the root directory of my SD card. That's what I did for all of my TV boxes. Maybe you can try the same approach.

    My first LE9 alpha: rb-leia1a
    Release rb-leia1a · Raybuntu/ · GitHub

    I've built all addons for LE9. Some libretro addons did not built yet (5 or 6). screensaver.shadertoy did not built either.

    Seems Lirc isn't working on Odroid-C2 with rb-leia1a build, even though it was enable by default. Plug the SD card with rb-krypton1 build, my Microsoft MCE remote works right away.

    Thanks! I tried everything, but sadly it's not working, only with earlier builds & under android. :(

    Not sure kszaq include the following in his beta6 build, I found it on wrxtasy's Odroid C2 latest build description.
    - @popcornmix's improved CEC adapter - user adjustable remote response times - backports from Kodi 18

    The CEC Adapter version was bumped from v4.0.1 to v4.0.2 in beta6 though.

    HDMI-CEC is working on android (M18 with Mbox name on the TV), but not with the latest LE builds. Can you send your LE settings for me?

    I attached a screenshot of my CEC setting but I believe it's not the cause of your problem.

    On my Toshiba TV, it was 'MBOX' in the past (many builds back) but it is now shown 'Kodi'. Also if you don't find it on your TV CEC settings, reboot of your Beelink M18 with your TV turned on should help. You need to let your TV recognize your Beelink M18.

    As far as I know, there's been an update to the CEC code in the latest build.

    HDMI-CEC isn't working with LE / 7.95.beta6 (clean install, temp_sensor_disabled build). It worked flawlessly with earlier builds.

    Box: Beelink M18
    TV: Samsung LE32C550

    I have no problem with HDMI-CEC with my Beelink M18 (using exactly the same build) and Toshiba TV though. Are you sure you turn on CEC on your TV as well?

    Is there a way to backup a working system before update? And restore if problems with update?

    Yes, go to LibreELEC Settings -> System -> Backup -> Create System and Kodi Backup. Then there'll be a zip file with date and time stamped in the 'Backup' folder. Copy the file to your PC or somewhere using Samba share (e.g. Window Explorer on a PC).

    Next do whatever you need to do to create your SD card, after the first boot is finished, copy the zip file back to the 'Backup' folder. Then go to LibreELEC Settings -> System again but click on 'Restore Backup' this time. It will show the name of the zip file you want to restore, click OK. After a while (depends on how big is your file), it will ask whether you want to reboot to restore the settings, click 'Yes'.

    To update I need to create an Update folder on sd card, put the update file there and reboot?

    No, you don't create an update folder on your SD card. It doesn't work like that.

    Try access your TV box using Samba share (e.g. Window Explorer), there you'll find a folder named 'Update' (together with other 10 folders). Copy the tar or img.gz file to that folder (together with the dtb file if needed).

    The only available langage on the skin is english ...

    Unlike other builds (e.g. alex's OpenELEC) or Kodi under Android that came with your TV box, you need to add and download other languages yourself. I had no problem showing Chinese, except for certain skin translation has not been completed. To add other display language, go to:
    Settings -> Interface -> Regional -> Language

    Great, but this box is a s905x one... No matter?
    Glad you're sure about that but someone WITH the box and the drive would realy seal the deal...
    Just to emphasize, saw on gearbest an actual complaint about a 1TB drive even not being recognized so made me wary...

    No idea why their support would say that. I got my Mini MXIII II from the same source. It's connected to a 2TB (2.5") portable and 5TB hard drive (with AC adapter), both at the same time without any problems. Started from OpenELEC, they already broke the 2TB barrier.

    One thing I experienced before was I had difficulties to read a 'old' portable hard drive on my M18. This was happened when I used an under rating power supply for the TV box and that portable drive needs 1 amp to power it up. Problem solved after I replaced the AC power adapter. So it is not the storage size of the hard drive but power consumption instead.

    I'd be checking more than a couple of times, it can take 50 boots or more to surface ;)

    In the past, I only got 1 out of 5 boots was successful with my MX64 and M18, that's a huge improvement! Now I updated both with non- temperature sensor disabled build and they both work so far so good. Other than these two boxes, my other boxes, e.g. Mini MX didn't have boot issues in the past.

    Seems like boot issues due to temperature sensor became history. Can't wait to try the new beta4 build on my MX64 (S905 2G/16G) boxes, boot right away and read the processor temperature without problem. Cold and warm boot couple of times and never missed one! Not tried on my M18 (also S905 2G/16G) box yet as it's now occupied by other family members.

    It seems kszaq did something in the kernel to circumvent the u-boot bug. A temperature sensor disable build is no longer need. Thanks so much for your hard work.

    Poida, you're great. While I was preparing the log for 'HOME' and 'INFO' key, you already submitted log for different Kodi versions, using the same remote.conf. Yeah, not only 'HOME' key, but also 'INFO' key is not working with the latest Krypton beta build. It was working before and is working on Jarvis build

    'HOME' and 'INFO' key using Android Yatse App are working with the Krypton beta build so it should be issue of remote control button mapping.

    Obviously, you picked the wrong dtb.img. For S905.arm-8.0-devel-201612231, you should use device trees of instead of Also at least for Mini M8S (not the Mini M8S II), you shouldn't use the gxl p212 2gb.dtb. That dtb.img is for Android box with S905X processor.