Beelink Mini MX?

  • Hello,

    This is the android box i currently have. Beelink Mini MX. I wanted to know if there was an image for this box? i see a lot of other S905 boxes listed, but i do not see this one. is there a generic image i can use? or a specific one i'm missing? or maybe i'm the only one with this box and i should get a more popular one?

    Any help or guidance is appreciated, thank you!

    Purchased off of GearBest and specs here copy pasted from there:

  • I have this box too.
    this is perfect, you can use libreelec with 1g GBit DTB.

  • I have this box too.
    this is perfect, you can use libreelec with 1g GBit DTB.

    I have the LibreELEC USB-SD Creator. the list of LE versions to download

    Generic AMD/Intel/x86/64bit
    Odroid C2
    RaspberryPi 2/3
    Raspberrypi 0/1
    WeTek Core
    WeTek Hub
    WeTek Play
    WeTek Play 2

    do i use generic? or maybe the imx6??

  • Perhaps we need to skip the word 'Generic' in the name of the Intel x86-64 related PC builds... People seem to be confused by it.

  • I admit that instructions in my post can be confusing and some people don't know that they have to download system image manually. I've updated the first post in thread to be clearer.

  • oh i think i see what i'm suppose to use now. there is one image for S905 and there there is another file (dtb) to make it work specifically for whichever device i have? ie what envagyok told me 1G GBIT DTB. that line makes more sense now!

    I didn't realize i needed 2 files at first.. didn't understand the lingo being new to this, but the guide all make sense now that i know that.

    thank you guys! i will see what kind of damage i can do with the newly acquired information! :P

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  • I have a question for people who have Beelink Mini MX, can you power on box with remote on libreelec ?