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    rkmfl, Your box definitely is different from mine. Where you have your AV port, it is always SPDIF output on mine.
    You're right, the RESET switch is inside the AV port where you can feel the click when press it with a toothpick. For me, I can't reach the RESET switch thru the tiny hole on the bottom with a toothpick.

    If your box is running Android 5.1 then it must be S905. All boxes I knew that equipped with S905X are running Android 6.0, although there's not much difference you will notice. The reason, I believe, is because of Amlogic.

    It's no much difference if you use device tree of 100M instead of 1Gbit, only the ethernet doesn't work. It can still boot.

    Perhaps you knew about boot issues of recent 7.90 or builds. In may case, it stays at the box boot logo. If it is a fresh install, it only fails to boot the second time, i.e. after the ext4 partition was extended.

    rkmfl, I was lost in your very long post, and because of this, I didn't quote your post again.

    I have a couple of Mini MX boxes (1G/8G S905 with Bear boot logo and then MBOX when boot into Android, gave all but one to my friends), one Mini MXIII (also S905 but 2G/8G) and just received a Mini MXIII II (S905X, 2G/16G) the day before yesterday. They're all running kszaq's LE build (mostly 7.90 except one was running 7.0.3).

    I got no tools (and not brave enough) to take out the circuit board. Based on the photo in your post, it should be Mini MX and no AV port on it (like what I had on my M18 or MX64 boxes). Correct me if I'm wrong, the reset switch which leads you to boot from mSD card should be located in the very small hole 1/2" away from the power plug on the bottom (or reverse side of your circuit board photo). For Mini MX and Mini MXIII received several months ago, and Mini MXIII II that just received, they all have similar layout only the latter two are smaller. Hence I could not tell which one do you have but all 3 of them got that small reset hole on bottom of the chassis.

    When I got the Mini MXIII II on Thursday, I thought they removed the reset button to cut cost as I felt nothing when I put a pin inside the reset hole. I then found the reset switch is slightly offset and boot LE from mSD right away. The only thing that I worried about was WiFi (2.4 and 5GHz band) and they are all working.

    One thing I like to mention is which device tree I used for different devices:
    Mini MX (1G/8G): gxbb_p200_1G_1Gbit.dtb (sounds strange as specification is 100M only)
    Mini MXIII (2G/8G): gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit_RealtekWiFi.dtb
    Mini MXIII II (2G/16G): gxl_p212_2G.dtb

    How you turned off CEC? I want to try it with my box

    For AV receiver, I have no idea. For certain TV brands (such as Toshiba but not for my Panasonic), you can turn CEC off at your TV setting menu. If there's no AV receiver in between your TV and you TV box, I would suggest just turn your TV off. That's what I did in the bedroom with my Toshiba TV. In such case, I can still use the media keys (Play, Pause, Stop, FWD, BWD) on the TV remote. Functions came with the TV box remote are so limited.

    I also experienced boot issues. I don't want to repeat what was said, Uberduke already did very comprehensive testing on his/her Minix NEO U1 a few posts back. While his/her Minix NEO boot issues seem settled down, mini doesn't.

    I thought boot issue only hit 64 bit build, I was wrong. I thought it was the script files and replaced them with older script files, boot issues remained. I thought only arm builds are affected, wrong again. I tested afl1's latest build (aarch) on Mini M8S II, boot issues remain (Yeah, I tested afl1's build for K II despite I don't own that box, his build could not read the CPU temperature, so I believe it is not the cause of boot issue). When boot issue happened, it stays at the boot logo and LibreELEC logo never shown. It look likes the box was waiting for some response from the TV via HDMI to proceed.

    For the Mini M8S II (S905X, 2G/8G), the only way I could make it boot is to turn the TV off (Mini M8S II will then turned off by itself because I set it in CEC), Then I turn on the Mini M8S II with the remote (while the TV remains off), then it will boot properly and turn the TV back on (as I also set it in CEC). That is, every time TV was on when the Mini M8S II boots, the latter hang.

    I have a TV that doesn't support HDMI-CEC at all. I tested latest build LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.0-devel-20161223194610-r25062-g308adcf.img.gz on Beelink M18 (S905, 2G/16G) with mSD card with this TV, no matter how many time I tried, reboot or boot on power up, it boots right away. The same box, same mSD card, nothing touched, when moved to family room and tested, it just hang at the boot screen (AVR and TV both support HDMI-CEC which I have no idea to turn CEC support off)!

    Hope the above information could narrow down the search for solution of the boot issues, whether it was 7.90 or 7.0.3, arm or aarch, 32 or 64 bit.

    Hi all.

    I try to install libreelec 8.0 for kI+, but can't to install tvheadend pvr client from libreelec repository.
    Client report me (the addition 5.2.0 is not found)

    As answered by pawnthep, you need to download pvrs-v17b6.tar, once uncompressed you will find 19 different pvr client addons in zip format. There's a link in afl1's OP. If you use Chrome, use another browser to download that file. Google Chrome masked site.

    I experienced boot failures of 64 bit builds on both my Beelink M18 (S905, 2G/16G) and MX64 (same configuration as M18) using fresh install mSD card. It just stuck at Google TV boot logo. The only way I could boot to Libre is by unplugging the HDMI cable, power it up and then plug the HDMI cable back. Both TV are Toshiba though, I haven't tried the 32-bit or on any other S905 boxes, or with other TV brands.

    Both boxes were working fine with 7.90 (Dec 4) builds.

    Audio doesn't work
    the option is greyed out in the system settings and the only choice is Bluetooth/pulseaudio.

    I can't find any option that would enable HDMI passthrough, I think I could try to connect a bluetooth speaker to the box but it would be simplier to just wait for a fix.

    Audio option field 'Greyed' and show only 'Bluetooth/pulseaudio' was caused by applying the wrong device trees. Based on the OP, you should pick the same device but from here instead of

    Hello kszaq,

    Thank for your great work, very promising. I'm testing the last alpha build with Kriptoon on my nexbox A95X S905X 2g/16g (stamped on 2016-12-04) through SD-card. It starts well on my box but I can not install any local addon because the "installation from a zip" button does not work. Is this due to the alpha build stage ? I used to do that without any problem in your 7.02 serie's builds.

    It ('Installation from Zip' button not working) doesn't only happen on kszaq's Krypton build, but also on RPi2. Hence it might be a bug in 17.0 beta 6. To circumvent that, just go to 'Add-on browser' and click on 'Install from zip' there.

    The channel playing was BBC1HD h264. But yeah in my proper build mpeg2 acceleration is on. 007 playback is perfect. All releases since i have had this problem

    In North America we're still broadcasting with MPEG2. If you already turned on H264 video acceleration (HD and up), I could not think of any issue. BTW, did you try 7.90 build (Krypton)?

    EDIT: I recall I did had similar problem before (with build I can't remember) on certain channels broadcasting in 1080i MPEG2. I recorded the video program on a hard drive, no problem in playback of the recordings then.

    I've tried a fresh install even with just tvheadend client on. My log is here KDhX and i've uploaded a youtube vid so you can see how severe it is Driobox Ares S905X jerky tvheadend playback on kszaq libreelec build - YouTube

    I run a TVHeadEnd server on RPi2 with ATSC TV tuner (Hauppauge HVR-950Q), both LibreELEC and TVHeadEnd are based on milhouse build. I had no problem with playback of TVHeadEnd client with the latest build on Mini MX (S905, 1G/8G). Client and server are connected via Ethernet. I did try using powerline networking but playback became jerky. I live in North America (data capture for one hour TV broadcast is about 7GB). I'm not sure whether this is applicable in UK.

    BTW, have you turned on video acceleration of MPEG2? It was turned off by default and before I turned it on, video playback is jerky.

    I just want to report my experience, I have a Beelink MiniMXIII II (s905x, 2GB ram, 8GB rom), flashed an external USB 64GB SSD with this version (didn't change the dtb file) and everything works flawlessly. The system is quick (also due for the ssd) and I can also watch DVB-T channels with a usb Sky Digital Key tuner (it's a rebranded Avermedia A867).

    So thank you so much for your work!! Keep going!

    Even WiFi works without the string of commands told by kszaq? It's been told here that the Beelink MiniMXIII II employs Aigaile WiFi chip that needs adding a few lines in the for the WiFi to work.


    I' ve just succesfully upgraded my Beelink Mini MXIII II from to in internal memory and the update was smooth

    Everything works fine except WiFi, so i have to use usb wifi pen in order to use it

    roar1984, May I ask which device tree did you use? I'm about to upgrade the Beelink Mini MXIII II in my daughter's room.


    Audio is not working for me. Audio output device in settings is greyed out an bluetooth is selected. I'm using the gxl_p212_2g.dtb device tree from .009.

    afl1: Same for me audio is not working (settings is greyed and set at bluetooth). I'm using gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit_OTG_Port on M18 with a clean install. Do I need a newer device trees than 7.02.009?


    I never had problem with 'TV Shows' and 'Movies' database. I guess your tricks (uploaded the advancedsettings file) just doesn't work on LibreELEC. There might be some changes in the SQL database version (at least it's totally different on Krypton). Did you try scanning your library again?

    Does S905X have support for 7.1 AAC?
    I'm playing 2016p 10bit H265 mkv over SPDIF to DTS decoder and sound is a bit distored like playing in the big hall....

    7.1 AAC was supported by LibreELEC, therefore it doesn't matter whether it is S905 or S905X.

    SPDIF was designed decades ago and only supports 5.1.

    Don't know what your DTS decoder means, guess it's your AV Receiver. LibreELEC or Kodi won't convert 7.1 AAC to DTS for your AVR to decode. Not sure what audio format the box will output through the SPDIF but I had no problem in playback of 2160p 10bit HEVC HE-AAC 7.1 mkv right from the very beginning, at least for audio.

    Or on what is it based? Do everyone have this issue and just ignore it or is it based on X? Whats X if yes? Tried to send you PM but you have it disabled :angel:

    Use LE (Jarvis and Krypton build) on Mini MX, M18, MX64, Mini MX III (2/16GB) and Mini M8S II under various audio output setting (passthrough to AVR or HDMI to TV), no cracking sound.

    Before using LE, there was audio dropout every few minutes when using Android 5.0/Kodi/passthrough. I believe it started from Kodi 15 and it was reported on Kodi forum long ago. That's one of the reasons I switched to OE/LE.

    Thanks for your help, unfortunatelu id doenst work on my case. The return button now doenst work at all (it used to open something like a progress bar on top).

    But really thanks for the try

    I also own a Mini M8S II (S905X 2G/8GB version). The remote.conf file that kostaman gave you should work, only the 'Return' button is remapped. Please try the 'Pointer' button (locate lower right next to the cursor key) for 'Return' action.

    I guess kostaman got the remote.conf file from the same source as I did. I like this remapping as it is the same as all my other remote control.

    I have a MINI M8S II 2GB and i just upgraded from 008 build to 009 but i have no sound at all in my TV either to my home cinema!

    genecic, Presuming you already update with the correct device tree, then simply go to Settings -> System Settings -> Audio and change the output back to HDMI or Analog.

    After this update, default audio output is changed to Bluetooth. If the above input field is grayed, that means you didn't update the device tree.