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    I too have always thought that the shutdown command isn't as clean as shutting libreelec down from Kodi GUI.

    I have a mini SNES case for my pi and it has built in on/off switch and reset button that connects to gpio.

    For a short time I used a script that issued the shutdown -h now command and the shutdown -r command.

    I noticed the system would shut down quicker than actually using the shutdown from the Kodi GUI.

    Here's what happened.

    Using shutdown -h now system would shut down almost instantly.

    If I used Kodi GUI to shutdown Kodi from the power menu, I would get the loading circle in the middle of the screen for a couple of seconds before the system would shut down.

    So this got me thinking that doing it the proper way through Kodi menu is clearly doing something to Kodi briefly before shutting down (I assume metadata etc)

    So I searched the internet for a few hours and found these 2 commands.

    kodi-send --action="shutdown"

    kodi-send --action="restart"

    These are the commands Kodi uses when you shutdown via Kodi power menu and appear to me to do it more cleanly.

    So I replaced them commands in my custom shutdown script for my mini SNES pi case power buttons and have felt safer ever since :)

    Might be me being OCD but I feel it's a safer shutdown.

    Ok update.

    So last night I added 1 film.

    Before I added the film memory was 80% free (608mb)

    After I updated library it was 79% (598mb)

    I then went to movies and navigated to the film I just added and boom, it froze up.

    It loaded poster but didn't load background artwork before it froze up.

    And just to clarify this was with default Kodi skin, I'm leaving it on this for the time being until I've found this problem.

    I bloody forgot to enable debugging log before this unfortunately, so I've enabled it now and next time I experience this freeze up I'll post log.


    I am using pellucid skin, but when I first started having this problem (which is since LE9) and started from fresh and after adding my media to library using the default skin it froze up 3 times scrolling through my movies, when it appears to fetch extra artwork.

    I'll try what you suggested next time a add a video file, although like I say it may or may not happen as there is no pattern to it.


    The only add-ons I use are gamestarter, and I use retroarch and emulationstation from the gamestarter repo.

    And then whatever add-ons install when using my choice of skin.

    That's it no other add-ons than what's listed above.

    Surely it wouldn't be memory,

    For example switch on my pi, add 1 movie to my hard drive connected to my pi,

    Then update library, all ok so far.

    Then I'll navigate to that film, highlight it and this is when it will fetch artwork, bang! That's when the system freezes up.

    Now it doesn't do it every time that's what's making it hard to know what it is, that's why I asked here.

    I can add 20 films for example it will work fine, I can add 3 films it will freeze. There is no pattern to the freeze at all.

    But it has happened at least 10 times since I posted on here but nobody replied so I've just learned to live with it.

    My only concern is keep pulling the plug will probably end up killing my SD card.



    Just a quick one here and want to no if this would work.

    I use a rc6 media center remote and currently I have the power button set to launch emulationstation (as I have a SNES case which has on off switch on it so no need for remote power button).

    So my question would be, is it possible to map that same power button on my media center remote to exit emulationstation and return to Kodi.

    Thanks in advance.


    More info on this.

    I first noticed this when setting up my new install on the 64gb SD card.

    I wrote the LE9 image to SD card.

    Once loaded up I changed a couple of settings like I normally do (basic stuff like my location etc).

    Then I connect my external drive with my media on reboot and check all is mounted correctly.

    The drive is formatted in ext4.

    When I first added my movies folder to Kodi and scanned everything went fine the was only 86 movies.

    But then when I scroll through my list of movies that's when it will completely freeze up the pi.

    It did this a couple of times when I first added to library.

    It seemed once it had fetched artwork when scrolling through all my movies that the freezes didn't appear again or so I thought until adding more.

    I now have 91 movies some added to library no problem some caused the freeze.

    For example, tonight I copied over a movie from my computer and update my library (this part always goes ok) then when I navigate through my library to that movie that's when it will freeze my pi up and I have to pull the plug (even left it 10mins to see if it would respond) so it almost seems like when highlighting a newly added video and it tries to fetch artwork that's when it freezes.

    Thanks in advance


    Hi everyone.

    I have a problem that seems to be intermittent and was wondering if anyone else has had this or can point me in the right direction to logs to find out the cause.

    Some times when I add a new video file to libreelec and I update the library to scan, my raspberry pi 3 and libreelec will freeze up and the only thing I can do is to pull the power out.

    It doesn't happen everytime but I would say it has around 50% of the time since using LE9

    This never happened on 8.2.5

    It does it on my new 64gb SD card I brought specifically when the new LE9 came out for a fresh install and I've also upgraded my old 32gb SD from 8.2.5 to 9.0.1 and have been using that the past couple of days to see if it has the same problem on that to rule out if it is the SD card.

    And unfortunately it has also just done it on that SD card as well which is what brings me here for help.

    Thanks in advance


    It appears that it is no libreelec itself but it is indeed something changed or not included between Kodi 17.6 to 18

    I have also downloaded Kodi 18.1 on my android phone. PVR fanart or thumbs do not load.

    So I downloaded Kodi 17.6 on my android phone and PVR fanart and thumbs load almost instantly when going through my channels.

    I would be very grateful if anyone could find out what has changed or is not included between versions, I wouldn't no where to start lol.

    Thanks in advance.


    There are skins out there that state in there changelog that they support this feature providing skin helper is installed.

    Aeon nox silvo and eminence are 2 skins they say they support artwork for PVR.

    I have had this working in my previous 8.2.5 setup and I don't use any xmltv I've always just scanned muxes via tvheadend and let tvheadend grab EPG data, then just left tvheadend alone.

    After that I've just installed tvheadend PVR and left everything default.

    So in the past it has definitely worked with most things default.




    I currently have no fanart on my PVR live tv that comes from tvheadend.

    I know before on eminence skin I use to get some sort of fanart/screenshot for most programmes above the info bit, but now all I'm getting is the Kodi logo in that box.

    I've only just got round to finishing my fresh 9.0.1 setup but I feel pretty sure it worked in 8.2.5 has something changed?

    I've also tried other skins but they do the same.

    Also if I press my context button on a selected channel and go to artwork, in that menu it where I can choose artwork it shows artwork in there but it just isn't showing in the box above programme info where it's suppose to.



    Already tried one of them as I have one on another project.

    My TV has something called arc which is suppose to pass audio over hdmi to a audio device.

    I connected it to the hdmi labelled arc and selected my TV audio output to arc.

    Unfortunately I get no sound at all although it must have done something as when selecting arc as my audio output my sub made a quick boom noise, usually the noise when you switch on a device connected to it.

    Suppose my only other option is a Bluetooth to audio adapter as my TV has Bluetooth.

    It's just annoying that modern TVs don't come with a simple line out or headphone socket these days.



    Unfortunately my smart TV doesn't have any type of analogue out :(

    That's why I have tried setting up the way I have.

    It makes sense though as it is my TV that has the slight delay.

    I suppose if there is nothing I can do to prevent this I'll just have to leave both analogue and hdmi enabled but turn the volume down on my TV whilst using the audio system via analogue.