No fanart on PVR live tv

  • Hi,

    I currently have no fanart on my PVR live tv that comes from tvheadend.

    I know before on eminence skin I use to get some sort of fanart/screenshot for most programmes above the info bit, but now all I'm getting is the Kodi logo in that box.

    I've only just got round to finishing my fresh 9.0.1 setup but I feel pretty sure it worked in 8.2.5 has something changed?

    I've also tried other skins but they do the same.

    Also if I press my context button on a selected channel and go to artwork, in that menu it where I can choose artwork it shows artwork in there but it just isn't showing in the box above programme info where it's suppose to.



  • There are skins out there that state in there changelog that they support this feature providing skin helper is installed.

    Aeon nox silvo and eminence are 2 skins they say they support artwork for PVR.

    I have had this working in my previous 8.2.5 setup and I don't use any xmltv I've always just scanned muxes via tvheadend and let tvheadend grab EPG data, then just left tvheadend alone.

    After that I've just installed tvheadend PVR and left everything default.

    So in the past it has definitely worked with most things default.



  • It appears that it is no libreelec itself but it is indeed something changed or not included between Kodi 17.6 to 18

    I have also downloaded Kodi 18.1 on my android phone. PVR fanart or thumbs do not load.

    So I downloaded Kodi 17.6 on my android phone and PVR fanart and thumbs load almost instantly when going through my channels.

    I would be very grateful if anyone could find out what has changed or is not included between versions, I wouldn't no where to start lol.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Difficult to be honest, maybe ask first at the thread of Aeon nox silvo and eminence - maybe they can point you.

    Its an kodi problem so its better you ask in their forum because not too much ppl reading here from there :)