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    It depends on profile settings but afaik addons get installed for all users but they're disabled in other profiles. It's just the userdata folder which is unique.

    I think what's happening is on logoff the VPN isn't being disconnected and when the other user logs on the check detects it as still connected so it doesn't reconnect. I'm not sure if it is still connected to the VPN or not but emby doesn't connect to my server. It's Https and over WAN so maybe it's something to do with that.

    I've got around it for now so it's not too much of a problem for me. I just set a different default VPN location on each user so it will force reconnect on logon with each Kodi user.

    Has this been tested with multiple Kodi user profiles? The reason I ask is I'm having a problem with this and with Emby for kodi client. When I flip from the master profile which has been connected to a VPN to another user, trying to play any emby library files result in Kodi freezing for a few minutes and not playing the file. There are a lot of "CCurlFile::Stat - Failed: Timeout was reached" in the logs. I've noticed if I disconnect the VPN in the other user and then try Emby this works again. Also using another connection makes it work again too. It's not losing connectivity as other addons like YouTube stream fine.

    I've got an annoying bug with the RPi4 where when turning my TV to standby it powers off then a few seconds later it powers back on again. It's basically saying you can't leave me :D

    I've got a debug log with verbose CEC logging on a fresh install. Dmesg here. I've also tried with the firmware mentioned here. I've tried disabling all power options in the CEC options in peripherals.

    This only seems to happen when connected to my Onkyo AV amp, if I connect directly to my TV this behaviour doesn't occur. RPi3 behaves as expected.

    Obviously early days in RPi4 development but thought I'd put the bug out there. Is there anywhere else I can post this, maybe RPi forum? Github?


    Currently I don't own a RPi4 and I'm not sure if I get one at this point because I already have way more SBCs than TVs. But it's still somewhat wip at the moment and the RPi4 firmware gets updates as the project as well. Once it's more tested I can add probably update my build files but I can't really test the images at the moment. ;)

    Yea I can imagine! The performance gains really are great though so I'm hoping emulation will be a much better experience. If you need me to do any testing I'd be happy to help.

    Anyone else having weird HDMI CEC issues with the RPi 4? I couldn't control anything earlier until I rebooted it and now every time I switch the TV off it comes back on again a few seconds later 🙃

    I've got a mini HDMI adapter ATM but getting a cable tomorrow so if that doesn't solve it I'll grab some logs.

    Hi zomboided I'm getting these lines spamming my debug log, any idea off the top of your head what could be causing it? It's otherwise working as expected..

    From my past experience I can only say that I had mediocre ones with genuie PS3 ones. The SHANWAN stuff should work if you follow these steps but I can't say if they will be able to connect to bt as a group.

    I'm confused is bluez-tools included in this build? I have a shanwan P3 gamepad to try out and I can't get it to pair via LE settings. Not sure if this helps?

    Running on LibreELEC (5schatten)

    about addons pls have a look at the 5schatten build thread

    Thanks but it's not specific to his build. I've just tried on a millhouse nightly fresh install and it still occurs. debug log

    I'll try on the LE stable shortly but I'm guessing it's still going to happen...

    I've been trying to test which addons it might be but now I can't recreate this issue.

    I have been seeing another issue related to LE settings and being unable to connect to a wifi network due to "invalid parameter" error appearing after pressing connect. More here. This was due to the service.bluetooth-audio addon conflicting so I'm wondering if this is behind all of the issues with LE settings addon and RPi networking components. CvH


    So I've discovered there is an addon causing this behaviour for me:


    disabling this works. Re-enabling also works until I reboot then the issue is present again.

    I've tried enabling debug logging but I can only see this of any relevance:

    T:1481663344 ERROR: ## LibreELEC Addon ## connman::dbus_error_handler ## ERROR: (Invalid arguments)
    T:1481663344 ERROR: None

    Im getting this error too with a RPi B+ looking at other threads it seems this bug has been around for a while and it's quite a major one. I'm discovering so many bugs in the LE settings add-on 😑

    I've been doing a new installation based on LibreELEC 9.x RR latest nightly and I'm getting to a certain point with the addons I'm installing where some of them are causing LE settings to freeze up when scrolling down the menu past network, connections, bluetooth then services is blank and so are the all of the menu items scrolling back up. I can't exit out of the addon after this either.

    I think it's a conflict with one of the addons as on a fresh installation this will work ok and I cant replicate the issue. These are the last addon packages I installed before I noticed the addon not working again:












    I've tried disabling these and I can get it working again but it seems to stop again after enabling some or all of them. Trying to pin it down is proving tricky. Debug log

    I've also been having some problems with the backup and restore feature. Backup works ok. Restore appears to extract the tar to .restore folder however on restart it doesn't get restored.

    TWO DAYS ?????

    I submitted a Kodi bug report TWO YEARS ago and I'm still waiting. You have to remember though that LE and Kodi members and staff are not paid for their time. Patience is a virtue.

    Haha yes I know two days is nothing and I don't expect anything to be done in any time frame as it's people giving their own time up. I just find it frustrating when we're encouraged to report bugs and issues however no one even acknowledges that report. A simple yea we're working on it or we're aware would have sufficed. I fully realise I am in no position to rant but I think any open source community is underpinned by its user base and communication as simple as it is can help keep such users interested and even engaged longer. /Rant 😉

    Thanks for the workaround vpeter I think I'll wait till it's fixed server side but handy to know.

    Two days later, debug submitted, no response. All I want to know is if this is a known issue or some acknowledgement it's being looked at? What's the point in reporting issues if there isn't any feedback...