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    Almost. You have to rename KERNEL to kernel.img.
    Please try 2nd test build:

    It will either be better or GUI won't show at all at 4K.

    I have installed the new test version. Beelink Minimxiii booted fine, displaying GUI as a 1/4 size in the upper left corner. TV Info shows resolution as being 2160p60Hz.
    Adjusting settings to proper resolution renders a black screen.

    I have rebooted using Yatse remote (no screen display to navigate menu) and same 1/4 screen issue (see picture).
    If I set resolution to 1080p, it works, going back to [email protected] renders black screen again.

    See Logs attached. Newer is after reboot.

    I have updated to and later on to devel-20160821184509-r23281-gc0127b4 and both versions are showing extremely slow GUI refresh.
    Also, Fly Mouse buttons seems to have disconfigured.
    I have a Beelink MiniMXIII 2gb/16gb, LibreELEC running from SD.

    Please see below command output on a Beelink MiniMXIII 2gb/16gb:

    LG 49UF8500

    After upgrading to last test build:

    I shall mention that 3840x2160p shows some glitches: flickering, whereas 4096x2160p looks fine.
    Only drawback is that refresh is maxed at 24 fps.

    Any idea what smpte means?


    I had an issue with my former Samsung Galaxy S4 where it will not connect to an AP if it had "non conventional" characters in its name. I will strongly suggest that you do away with them if possible to prevent incompatibilities and erratic behaviour with specific devices.

    Bluetooth works for me but i dont really use it.

    The remote is really crap. Multiple presses for commands and pointing direct to box.
    I use a really cheap rc120 Airmouse.
    Love it.

    Am using this exact remote. Works very nice, although the odd position of "O" and "P" keys somehow annoy me.

    Have not tried yet my spare Mele F10 Pro with my unit.

    The S905X will only get you VP9 so unless you use that i would hold off until a known good s905x comes out and it delivers what they promise. The Beelink MXIII is an excellent box and I'm not sure currently there is one that matches the MXIII build quaility, the M8SII/TX5 on paper looks promising.

    Reason i got the Beelink MINI MXIII was the gigbit lan and the excellent remote ₩, didn't care for WiFi. Personally I wont be buying anything until i need VP9 and if thats the case I'd go s912 should it get LE.

    Thanks for your elaborated response. I will stick to the Beelink then. I also found it very well built, it is cheap, and seems to be better supported than generic boxes.

    Allow me the off topic for a quick and simple question, is the included remote an air mouse?
    I have failed to make it work as such, but did not bother much as I already have an extra cheapo air mouse keyboard that works.
    If it is an air mouse (it has a gyroscope sort of embossed), how do you make it work?

    Thanks again.

    So far no response.
    Any chance to provide some troubleshooting steps?

    As confirmed, it looks like evdev is the culprit, as I have tested an old build using libinput as suggested by Irusak and issue is fixed.


    I have an s905 device (Beelink mini mxiii) and am planing to buy an extra box.
    Alternatives would be to go for the sure thing, and get another s905, or buy an s905x for its improved features.

    I have found no guide on the different alternatives and supported devices.

    Based on the potential port for s905x devices, should I get one of these or stick to a more "tested" s905?

    Although I have some some experience with Open/LibreELEC, I am fairly new to these cheap Amlogic devices.

    Thank you!

    I happened to do some extra testing. Searching the web, found the way to manually change screen brightness.
    I have investigated and there the interface is up, and reports as following:

    OpenELEC-T440p:~ # ls /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/
    actual_brightness  device             subsystem
    bl_power           max_brightness     type
    brightness         power              uevent

    I can then issue a command to change backlight to an arbitrary value:

    echo XXX > /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness

    Where XXX is a value between 0 (backlight off) and max_brightness (4794 for this particular model).

    So apparently the issue is related to the keys themselves not responding or setting the change.

    I am not very acknowledgeable in any way with scripting, but I guess that it should be fairly simple to create a script that could increment or decrement by 10% (1/10th of the max-min brightness) and assign it to a Kodi key.

    Can anyone help me to achieve this?


    Now that Microsoft has launched Skype for Linux, it should be feasible to create an Addon for Skype.
    This will make the use of LibreELEC and Kodi even more compelling.