LE SD Creator Partition Sizes

  • Hi all,

    The LE USB-SD Creator program creates a ~500 MB partition for the LE system... I've read somewhere that an additional partition is created with the remainder of the SD Cards total capacity but I cannot see this when using Disk Utility on my computer (Mac). I'm using a 16 GB SD card, will that extra storage be available on the box as a separate partition? Here are screenshots for context (the card is a Kingston Class 10 16 GB).

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  • The Generic image installer has a single partition which boots and runs a graphical installer where you select the target device to install to. Other images have two partitions and the installer script auto-expands the second partition to fill the available space on first boot. In all cases the second partition is ext4 so it cannot be seen or mounted by Windows or macOS. It should visible from "diskutil list" in Terminal.

  • Thanks chewitt... I remembered to look at the storage section in 'system settings' and saw the extra partition there as well. Thank you for the tip about 'diskutil list' terminal command.