Azulle Access Plus PC Stick

  • Hi all, first off wanted to say thank you for all your hard work on guys have truly created something special. Just a quick question in regards to the Azulle PC Stick that I just picked up. I have managed to install the generic 8.1.1 build on this with no problems; seems to run really well on it. Is there perhaps a more suited build for this stick? It has the Atom X5 Z8300 64 bit with generation 8 Intel HD graphics, and 4 GB of ram. Figured if I could get any more performance out of it that it might be worth an ask...thanks again!


  • That's the correct one to be using. We stopped doing 'optimised' builds for Intel CPU hardware aeons ago as although there are differences between a CPU optimised build and a more generic config the gains these days are marginal and not worth the extra hassle of building many images.

  • dreamer_cast

    My community build has Linux 4.12 (better support for the Cherry Trail SoC), Mesa 17.2 and is compiler optimized using -O2. You could optimize it more by using -march=silvermont but I don't offer builds with that option. In general, Cherry Trail has not been a high priority for Intel and thus the older "stable" kernels are behind when it comes to support.

  • Excellent, thanks for the suggestion. I may try your build and see if it works out better....either way really impressed by your efforts and thank you once again!