Audio in 2 outputs: hdmi AND headphones. Possible?

  • Hello,
    i just installed LE in an older AMD/Nvidia PC, and it works fantastic
    Would be even happier, if it was possible to have audio through the headphones jack too...
    I mean, sure i can choose audio output > analog and hear my music via the headphones. Works OK. And then, i have to go through settings again, and switch back to HDMI to get audio in the TV for watching movies. Would be so much simpler if plugging-in the headphones jack, could be detected and auto-switch sound output, or, if easier to do, just have 2 sound outputs ON, all of the time: Same sound that plays in HDMI, also play in headphones.
    I dont need anyhting fancy, just 2 channel stereo for both, same settings for both, i dont care about 5.1 or anything..
    Any help is most welcomed Thanks!

    I am insane! My mother had me tested.

  • Many thanks guys for reply!
    Audio profiles + pressing just a key in remote sounds good :)
    I will try it and will let you know if a problem or something

    I am insane! My mother had me tested.

  • Ah! It looks like there is an official way afterall , to have dual audio in kodi

    I already have done dual audio following the first solution, combining key map editor addon and audio profiles addon, works fine via remote, and i m sure other people reading this post in the future will try the other way too, let us know if working :)

    Cheers alessandro ! Many thanks to all

    I am insane! My mother had me tested.

  • See /storage/.config/pulse-daemon.conf.d/README

    Also, options can be set in using pactl

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  • As I posted elsewhere, my solution to this problem, with 8.2.0 LibreELEC dual audio build:

  • AFAIK LibreElec supports dual audio output (analog + hdmi) out of the box.

    Not with alsa reconfiguration, and in Harry Potter terminology this is a 'dark art' that few people understand.