Install or remove addon from command line

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    I have a Wetek Play running tvheadened24 service. It is not connected to TV, so I manage it from SSH and TTheadened web interface.

    How could I upgrade the addon to a new version from command line? And remove the addon?

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  • There's no clean way to do that AFAIK. You can physically move addon folders in and out of /storage / .kodi/addons, then use the built-in kodi 'updatelocaladdons' function (or restart kodi to update) and if necessary enable via json. It's certainly possibly via a script, but it would be a lot more effort for a one-off than installing a vnc.

    Before krypton it was just a case of dropping folders into place, but there were deliberate changes to make that more difficult.

  • It's a bit tricky, but for self-contained binary addons like tvheadend without dependencies it's doable. Main problem is getting the latest ZIP . You can do this with that shell script:

    name it eg "" and then run "sh service.tvheadend42"

    Then stop your current tvheadend (via systemctl stop service.tvheadend42), unzip the file in /storage/.kodi/addons, make sure all files in the bin subdir have executable permissions (otherwise to a chmod +x /storage/.kodi/addons/service.tvheadend42/bin/*), then start it via "systemctl start service.tvheadend42".

    That's basically what kodi is doing as well.

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  • fyi, you also need to symlink the systemd service file to /storage/.config/system.d

    1. cd /storage/.config/system.d
    2. systemctl enable service.system.docker
    3. systemctl start service.system.docker

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