tvh2kodi addon - configure tvheadend from kodi interface

  • What you are showing in the screenshot is called a mux in tvheadend.

    If you want to scan just that mux (transponder) - go into the Muxes configuration in the tvh2kodi addon, select the network, select the mux (transponder) you want to scan and change the Scan Status field to PEND and save.

    That will initiate a scan. In a few moments, the scan will finish and that mux editing dialog will refresh with the number of services found.

    You can then go to map services to channels and select which services you want to map.

  • OK. I already understand how to scan a single transponder.

    It is still a request to make this edition of the channel list about which I wrote earlier.

    In the tuner with Enigma2 it is trivial and looks like in this video:

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    Would it be possible to do it like in a movie?

    Zapodaj.Net - Darmowy hosting zdjęć i obrazków bez rejestracji! - 16845d0b03c76.png

    Zapodaj.Net - Darmowy hosting zdjęć i obrazków bez rejestracji! - f11e6303b7161.png

    Editing the channel list in KODI is hopeless. You can get tired this way.

  • kowalmisiek Thank you for the movie for reference. What you're looking to do is change the channel number so it sorts based on an order you prefer.

    What I recommend is to disable the "Use channel order from backend" option in the kodi PVR/Live TV settings. Then you can use the built in kodi channel manager to sort exactly like you show in the movie.

    Unfortunately, my addon is not capable of that type of moving channels up/down as it uses kodi dialog boxes for the interface and that option does not exist.

    Kodi channel manager in the PVR/Live TV settings will give you the ability to sort and group channels the way you like.

    I hope that works for you.

  • Je to moc dobrý doplněk. Bez něj bych TVheadend nespustil. Jen je pravda že instalace musí být na nový, čistý Tvheadend.


    Martin M.

  • Hi,I am having problems using this addon I get the following error when trying to run it,

    401 Client Error:Unauthorized for url:


    Please check your username/password in settings

    where the asterisked sections relate to the login for my tvh server and they work for web ui access in my browser from the same machine.


  • Anyone know how I can get a pre-defined mux for North America (NJ) and how to enter it into TVHeadEnd? I am new to this and have no idea. There are no US predefined muxes in the list.

  • Hello x60hz!

    Why you don't start a Scan on your own and read the tvh manual also the thv build in Help is good?

    It is Not that complicated.

    Also Take a Look here:



  • x60hz as mentioned by Nicolas, if you have the TVheadend Server correctly installed on your device, rather than use this addon within kodi.

    I would personally try to setup TVheadend Server from another device on your network. i.e. PC (accessing Tvheadend server via web interface)

    Regarding setup for North America not sure as I am in Europe, but believe section K within following overall pvr setup guide may be of help to you.

    Build a Cheap PVR using Raspberry Pi 3, LibreELEC, Kodi, Tvheadend, & HDHomeRun -- Linux Crumbs

    Generally follow points 1 through to 8, where if you select "United States: us-ATSC-center-frequency-8VSB-062009" as Pre-defined muxes at point 4, it should then find required muxes in NJ area and then channels available within each mux.

    If you are still having issues it would help to know a little more about your particular device + OS setup and connection to antenna via ? etc

    Additionally assume ref section H of above setup you have correctly installed TVheadend server and Tvheadend HTSP Client addons?

    PS Noted your other post where you claim to have a HD Home Run and be running kodi within Raspbian OS, assume this post has no direct link to other post and you are using Libreelec OS? (Anyway overall guide from 2017 orginally may still guide you in your overall quest)

    RPi4, (LibreELEC 11.0) hdmi0 -> Philips 55PUS7304 4K TV, hdmi1 -> Onkyo TX-SR608 AV Receiver