NEW htpc

  • Hi,

    first - sorry for my bad english
    i have this config wich runs on OE some years.
    with Libreelec im in bootingloop bug like issue discus in general thred i think its the damn mainboard.

    i think its time for new hardware... please help me i dont know whats the best way for me.
    my case is new and thats the reason why i think its not the right time to bring some NUC ?! what do you think.

    Streacom ST-FC8S Alpha Optical Fanless
    Mainboard MSI FM2-A75IA-E53 (IT IS SOOOO BAD)
    AMD A6 5300
    8GB DDR3 RAM (1066 or 1333?! i dont realy know its from 2013)

    i will use it as an client only to view tvheadend stuff and FULL HD / 3D stuff from NAS on my Panasonic Plasma

    whats the best to hold the new case ? whats the best system for libreelec ?

    my idears:
    1. (Cheapest)
    some new Mainboard for FM2+ and hold the A6 CPU and RAM

    new Mainboard and CPU (and RAM?)
    AM1 ? FM2+ ? Intel ? whats the best ? on this way i will use no more TPD than i need.

    dont hold the new case... switch to some system like NUC ?
    streacom looks so nice :/

    hmmmm... i find ASROCK SoC systems... what do you think about this ?

    whats the right for me ?


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  • Are the discs on AHCI or IDE?

    I found boot loops when on AHCI changed to IDE and all was fine

    3 NUC's, 3 Pi's, Android Beelink R38, Odroid C2, 2 original XboX's and now a Amlogic T95m S905 2/8

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  • Don't buy a nuc until the kabylake chips are available. 10bit x265 is very close to being a new norm, but broadwell / skylake based nucs can only decode 8bit.

    As far as I know, the only arm based board that currently has 10bit x265 support is the Odroid C2. So if you must buy now, I would recommend that.

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  • The WeTek Hub also has 10-bit support. It uses the same Amlogic SOC as the C2, but a newer revision that avoids a 4k/60Hz HVEC hardware bug.