• If nothing happen then you didn't copied files to update folder correctly. And update process didn't even start if you didn't saw anything on screen.

    Yes, Kodi Krypton supports touchscreens. But it doesn't have any calibration addon (at least I don't know for it). Insteady you need to edit some settings in advancedsettings.xml.
    My tslib approach is pre-Krypton and it doesn't involve Kodi.


    Managed to install the test build (I copied the .zip instead ot the inner .tar at first time) I found the touch calibration addont however it won't start. It endlessly shows only a small window stating "Working"...

    Is there any chance that Krypton will work with this kinf of touchscreen if I try to find the calibration values starting with blind shots? If I saw any visible feedback on the screen, a moving cursor or a menu item selection then I could fine tune the calibration manually. Currently touching the screen leads to deselecting the actually hihglighted menu item and nothing more. In this sense no difference among LE 7.0.2, LE8 alfa and this test LE build including TSLIB.

  • You need to configure some settings - like explained in LibreELEC Start a new SSH-Session and run the following commands.

    Oh, I did not notice those steps. Now, it is done.

    Amazing! It works like a charm. Thanks!
    When do you think it will be officially available?

  • Hello, first I am sorry for my bad English. Secondly I tested a compilation of libreelec for my touchscreen egalax but happened to step "5.) Changing kernel configuration (linux.arm.conf) to enable touch support egalax" I can not find the following two lines CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_USB_GENERAL_TOUCH = y
    CONFIG_HID_MULTITOUCH = y. I have this lines # CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_USB_GENERAL_TOUCH is not set and # CONFIG_HID_MULTITOUCH is not set. Do you have an idea to solve this error? Is it possible to find something in the folder to solve thir problem ?
    . Thank you for the work you have done ...

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  • I can not find the following two lines CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_USB_GENERAL_TOUCH = y

    You need to enable them in file projects/RPi2/linux/linux.arm.conf like written in instructions.


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  • Hi vpeter,

    I just builded a new Version with the new Kodi beta an all the additional stuff needed for my touchscreen.
    Can I update the existing and fully configured version without loosing my touchscreen configuration?
    Or do I have to start from the beginning?

  • Yes, just update fully working version.
    Calibration file is /storage/.config/ts/pointercal. You can save whole /storage/.config/ts folder in case you need to make fresh install.


  • Do you know why Estouchy screen is not available in LE 8.0 alfa? It should be accessible with Kodi Krypton.

  • Only Estuary skin is included by default.
    You can try this Estouchy:

    Thanks. I meant that Estochy is not listed when I select "Get more skins.." The skin support forum stated that this is an Libreelec issue.

    Anyway the skin is not bad, but very hard to use if touch sensing is not in place. How long does it take to rebuild latest LE8 including your tslib? It needs to much effort

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  • I assume this skin is included only with Kodi itself. Because libreelec remove it then can't be installed from repository.

    Did you tried to install my zip file manualy?

    Update: Just tested this zip and skin works.


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  • Yes, I managed to install. That is why I wrote that hard to control without touch capability.
    The question was about why Libreelec removed it?

  • Hi,

    i use Libreelec with Kodi 17. But after this update my touch doesn't work.

    Someone get touch running on Kodi17?
    My linux knowledg is enougth to get in running.
    Maybe someone can support me?


  • Schorschi79, you need to be more explicit: which image did you use before and which are you using now?


  • Hi,

    i use a modified image with ts-lib and LibreElec 7.0.1 i downloaded bevore.
    Then i updated to Kodi 17 over a ZIP-File #0916, 16-Sep-2016: RPi / RPi2 -- Release post (Fix OMX subtitle issues; fix DVD menus).

    Now i can use amazon prime but my touch configuration is lost an i don't know how to intall it new.
    I have no other Linux system so i can't compile.


  • Yes, you get something but at the same time you lose something :(

    I think the best approach would be to transform this functionality into proper addon. Then it could be installed from repository to get same functionality on all images. Will think of that.