LE 8.0.2 hangs (or restarts) when left on PVR screen.

  • There were huge improvements in that section at Kodi18 so it is likely that is is already fixed. If you try a milhouse build it should be working (hopefully).

  • I've managed to run this problem to ground in Kodi Krypton.

    The problem is caused by the Now & Next Recording Widgets at the top of the PVR Section of the Home screen.

    I've worked around the issue by creating a copy of the default estuary skin, and editing Home.xml to remove those two widgets:

    I've been running a couple of weeks now with Kodi in the PVR section of the home screen.... and no crashes :-)

  • The main Kodi DVB maintainer asks that you update to a Leia build and retest before filing trac tickets against Krypton for two reasons:

    a) Krypton is a dead codebase so nothing will ever be fixed there

    b) There are lots of DVB issue fixes in Leia so there's a good chance it's already been addressed

  • how to test that? how to compile / install such al build

    LE 9/Kodi 18 test builds for Generic are here. You can upgrade by dropping the LE9 tar file in your Upgrade Samba share. Downgrade back to 8.2.3 by performing a manual update in the LibreELEC Settings add-on.

  • This problem btw. still exists with fresh install of LE 9. Just leave Kodi running for several hours/days with TV menu selected. Fresh install of LE 9 generic with TVheadend client/server running on same machine.