Searching for a 4k device

  • Hi folks,

    I have a new 4k HDR TV and i'm searching for a (cheap) device which is capable of running libreelec and has Hardware support for h.265, h.264, HDR and VP9. I want an optimal result on the TV.

    I saw those S905X devices but I'm unsure if it's sufficient. Also it has only 100mbit ethernet, which might be not enough for 4k HDR TV? Also I don't want an additional remote control. I want to do everything over HDMI CEC and my TV remote control.

    Thanks for solid hints.

  • S905D are the chips to watch for (devices with them should start to appear soon) as they have the same spec as S905X but with GB Ethernet. There is no HDR support in Linux at the current time but the first patches for HDR support on Intel GPU's were submitted to the Linux kernel last week so that will change in the future. Once things are in-kernel Kodi can start to evolve support. Once Amlogic completes work on a mainline kernel (not the ancient crap we are using today) support can be added there too. Android is a completely different discussion and I'm honestly not aware how good/bad things are there. It's usually a hack-fest of bad though.