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    I have a question regarding the release philosophy and hardware, which isn't meant as critique. I'm just trying to understand what's happening.

    So this thread says that there is no generic S905(x) support because of the wacky 3.14 codebase, which is totally understandable.

    But checking the offical download page half of the roaster there is 3.14 (or older) based. Some come with out of the box quirks.

    Another problem is that a lot of hardware listed there is very hard to get around the world (Le Potato) or not purchasable (Slice).

    So my basic question is if it wouldn't make sense to clean house and find a (cheap) worldwide S905(x) partner for us users and support it, instead of linking dead or hard to get products.

    The forum is full of S905 questions and community builds for xyz and it is a very hard to understand zoo for new people, making it hard to get things running.

    Keep up the good work on the software side of things :)


    Since kszaq stopped working on Kodi, I just asked myself if the new official 9.0 Release for LePotato will run on a Nexbox A95X?

    I don't care about the included remote controls or WiFi. All I need is Kodi with Ethernet and HDMI.

    Thanks for advice.

    Hi folks,

    I have a new 4k HDR TV and i'm searching for a (cheap) device which is capable of running libreelec and has Hardware support for h.265, h.264, HDR and VP9. I want an optimal result on the TV.

    I saw those S905X devices but I'm unsure if it's sufficient. Also it has only 100mbit ethernet, which might be not enough for 4k HDR TV? Also I don't want an additional remote control. I want to do everything over HDMI CEC and my TV remote control.

    Thanks for solid hints.

    My plan is to use Libreelec as a KVM VM and use the VT-d and vmx feature to throughput the GPU (RX 460) directly to the VM.
    I guess it will not be a problem to install Libreelec with that. But my question is will all features (especially the HDMI) ones run fine?
    Especially video,sound and using the TV remotecontrol via CEC?

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.