Slice audio: no output 3.5mm analog or optical 8.0.2 release

  • On 8.0.1 Slice3 release audio from the 3.5 mm jack works fine. On release 8.0.2 there are only three options for sound, no way to select the 3.5 mm outputs. as per the audio options setting page named for the release in the attched screen grabs. The left one is from 8.0.1 and the right hand one is from 8.0.2

    Also mentioned over at the Slice forum here

    EDIT: here is a link reporting LEDs not working on Slice I recall both the audio and LED issues when beta testing an earlier release of Libreelect for Slice.


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    I can see the issue (audio and led drivers are not in the kernel) and I will build and push an updated 8.0.2 image sometime later today to fix it. I'll also see if I can beg a Slice-light kit from the folks at Pimoroni to replace the dead hardware I have.

  • thanks chewett

    I see you have updated the Index of /slice/ page with CM3 versions of 8.0.2 Is that a fixed version?

    Will you include the CM1 versions there as well for those who have yet to upgrade?

    With the available versions in the GUI, will the fixed version show as as you said above, If it still says 8.0.2 we will not know which version is being offered


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    It will say 8.0.2 so the only way to tell is update and either the LED's work or they don't. If they still don't work, wait another couple of hours before trying again. I've also removed the slice folder from my server because i'm fed up of being asked about the files there ~ not you specifically but just in general. For some reason Slice users appear to be thick at understanding THEY'RE THE SAME FILES AS THE MAIN RELEASES SERVER and I get a bit pissed off with being repeatedly asked about them in PM messages.

  • thanks for all your efforts with supporting Slice. I am sure it is appreciated by all the folks over at the FiveNinjas Forum, I appreciate it.

    I will post there when I have a successful update done, just tried and no update yet, Will retry later. easy enough to revert to 8.0.1.

    WRT your link: quite agree, more effort than it is worth, I will mention that it has gone in my update post at the FN Forum, may save you a few PMs :)

    With that in mind, the 8.0.2 release download page does not list the Slice hardware, I think it should so folks know which version to download if they want to do a manual update. It only lists the RPi. That will cause folks to PM you especially as the slice link gives 404 error!

    thanks again


  • Update done, LEDS and Audio work as before.

    Over at FiveNinjas I have posted about the update and a hint that the folks at FiveNinjas (Pimoroni) should get a Naked Slice for you. That is what I call the Slice Light Kit here. I use it as a test box as well as an audio player.

    many thank-yous