Graphic Glitches

  • v7.90.003 (due soon) will revert from KMS drivers to Intel drivers to solve a range of graphical glitches and issues on Intel cards. No guarantee that this is one of them, but I would ask you wait and test when it's released. You can also test with a current Milhouse build which includes the same changes.

  • I just tried the Milhouse build from 07/07/2016 and no more display issues. I thought it was fixed 7.90.002 but after a reboot it started again. I've rebooted with this Milhouse build about 20 times and have yet to see this issue resurface. Looks like this maybe the fix after all....

    As an aside, suspend is no longer working and my IR remote on my MAC does not show up in the "controls" section in Settings (as such it doesn't work, no IR working) but hoping both will be fixed after the release comes out. As always, no issue in OE 6.0.3

    Thanks all for the help