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    Just wanted to report that I am having the exact same issues with the same reports reported here with my 2009 Mac Mini. No issues on official 7.x builds (never used beta/alphas)

    If you connect the HTPC directly to the TV this does not occur?

    Just did extended testing with this and yes, if I plug direct to the TV I no longer have this issue and the artifacting disappears. This appears to be an issue with at least the Denon (mine) and Onkyo (as reported by others) receivers and LE.

    Could dumping the EDID while connected direct to the TV (bypassing the receiver) and using this config be a possible workaround when reconnected to the receiver?

    Just tried using the EDID while connected direct to the TV and did not fix the issue

    I also tried using an HDMI amplifier and switching cables, inputs on the receiver, etc but nothing is working except either bypassing the receiver or running at <30p


    Just tried the latest Milhouse build (Oct 12th) with the 4.8 kernel and have the same issue. Running the GUI/playing media in less than 50hz works without this issue. Issue spans LE 7 to the current Milhouse builds. OE 6.0.3 and lower does not have this issue. No other HDMI device in my environment has this issue (Windows laptop, PS4, Xbone, etc). Purchased a new Chromebox and high-end HDMI cables and still didn't help.

    Same issue here. I am also running a BenQ W1070 with a Denon receiver but I have model AVR-2112CI. I have not tried direct to the projector but this problem started on any version (OE or LE) after 6.0.3. A fix I found is to set the GUI to 1920x1080p @ 30FPS. Anything above 30FPS causes this issue (60, 59.94 or 50). Also interesting that this happens prior to Kodi loading as I see it on the install screen as well as during the boot logo. Sometimes it goes really haywire as shown in my post which are linked below.

    To troubleshoot, I dumped my MAC Mini and HDMI cables, hopped on Amazon and bought a new Chromebox and Redmere HDMI cable from Monoprice to fix the problem. When I first started it up, everything looked good and was happy to have this resolved but after a reboot the EXACT same issue happened again. I keep thinking this is fixed but whenever the refresh rate changes (reboot, starting/stopping a movie) I have about a 75% chance of the glitches happening. Sometimes I get lucky and for a few days everything works well and then it starts and doesn't stop. Luckily I have system images to get back onto 6.0.3 as quickly as possible. I also have a Windows PC, PS4, Xbone, OSX and GoPro all connected via HDMI to my receiver and none of them have ever had this issue, it is isolated to LE.

    I've posted a number of times about this on both the Kodi and LE boards but for the most part noone has taken notice. Fritsch advises this is a OS issue (not Kodi) which is why playing around with Kodi settings doesn't fix it (believe me, I've tried every option, nothing works except refresh as mentioned). I've also tried every alpha, beta, Milhouse builds, etc and the only 100% working fix is to run 6.0.3 if you want 60FPS and guaranteed no glitching. Logs are in both my posts below but largely irrelevant if this is a OS issue. I guess since it's only happening to a small select group of people with specific hardware it's not on anyones radar.

    Major GUI corruption in Jarvis with my projector


    Not really helpful but been dealing with this issue for over 5 months, across 2 versions and no solution found or in sight....

    I just tried the Milhouse build from 07/07/2016 and no more display issues. I thought it was fixed 7.90.002 but after a reboot it started again. I've rebooted with this Milhouse build about 20 times and have yet to see this issue resurface. Looks like this maybe the fix after all....

    As an aside, suspend is no longer working and my IR remote on my MAC does not show up in the "controls" section in Settings (as such it doesn't work, no IR working) but hoping both will be fixed after the release comes out. As always, no issue in OE 6.0.3

    Thanks all for the help

    Currently I'm running into the same issue (ZOTAC Barebone ZBox-CI323NANO (N3150 Intel HD Grafik HDMI)). I moved over from OE6. OE6 is running very well, but starting with the OE7 pre versions the screen starts to flicker (horizontal lines in green and blue, randomly created, sometimes the screens blanks out completely).
    The pre version if LE 8 is not solving the issue for me. It stays exactly the same as with LE7.
    The log is "normal", there is nothing special to find, especially not for any kind of display related issue.

    I've added a picture of the issue, but it is hard to create a photo of it. It is flickering very fast. The pictures shows a few displaced lines, the wrong placed fonts are not a skin issue, it is the result of the flickering screen.

    Are you using a projector?

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    I just tried LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-7.90.002.img.gz and I no longer experience this issue. Looks like something with 7.0.X and the display drivers since it happens even during boot and before Kodi loads. Unfortunately I have a number of issues with this Alpha (IR remote won't work, etc) but optimistic this will be fixed once the stable release comes out. Looks like I'll need to skip over 7.X and wait for 8. Just wanted to provide an additional update on this issue. Thanks

    I came across this thread on the Kodi forums with the user posting similar symptoms.

    Chromebox issue

    I played around with the refresh rate and the following cause the issues I've posted:


    When I changed my refresh rate to 30FPS I have no display issues at all. This doesn't appear to be MAC related but an issue with projector sync'ing as the user that posted is using a Chromebox (which I was planning on getting to replace my MAC to fix this issue).

    I also connected the a friends HDTV and no issues. I swapped HMDI cables and didn't fix the problem. This appears to be a projector issue.

    Well I decided to start from scratch with a new USB key thinking the upgrade was the issue. I installed the current LibreELEC img.gz to the USB stick with RUFUS per the WIKI instructions. As soon as I boot from this, I get display issues. The projector keeps losing sync and getting artifacting. I uploaded a couple of videos that show the issue since photos don't really show the issue as well as video. Please see the attached links:

    Video 1
    Video 2

    I doubt there are logs I can provide since this is the installer but I hope what I'm providing can help find and fix this issue. As previously stated all OE versions prior to 7 have never exhibited this behavior.


    Do you have the same problem with OE7 beta 3?

    Unfortunately yes. I first tried OE7 Beta 1 when I first noticed this issue so I thought I'd try LibreELEC but experienced the same issue. Every time a new version of either is released, I give it another try but ending up restoring back to OE6 due to this issue.

    I've tried:

    OE7 B1
    OE7 B2
    OE7 B3
    LibreELEC 7 (April 24th)
    LibreELEC 7 (The release previous)
    LibreELEC 8 (May 2nd build)

    All experience the same display issues. All OE versions 6.0.3 and prior have never had this issue (using OE since version 3 on the same unit and HT setup).

    Are there any additional logs or details I can provide to assist?

    Please try with a recent milhouse build. We switch graphic drivers and it may or may not help.

    Tried Milhouse's build from May 2nd and the same issue. Immedately after the Libreelec screen shows after POST, I get flashing green lines all over the screen and my projector keeps loosing sync and reports "Looking for signal". I provided a debug report earlier but not sure if that helps. Since this appears to be happening before KODI even loads, I am wondering if different logs are needed. Just guessing but doesn't appear to be a KODI issue but a Linux issue since it's happening on the spash screen and continues to the KODI GUI. Problem just gets worse the longer I leave it as I showed in my screenshot.

    I moved my storage out as requested. I can't bypass my AVR because I am using a projector and would require a huge amount of recabling. Still having the issue. Of note, after rebooting I am getting display corruption during the boot sequence even before Kodi loads. Lots of green lines and flashing boxes. Here is the debug Pastebin:

    Debug Log

    Edit: Another thing I noticed is the FPS on the GUI fluctuates between 6-8FPS whereas on OE 6.0.3 I get a solid 60FPS. Also getting dropped frames every 10 seconds or two when watching a video. I never tried a recent Milhouse build but will be my next test when I have time. I disabled Hardware acceleration and played with all the render types but didn't make a difference.

    [font="open sans,sans-serif,arial"]I have a MAC Mini 2011 with an Integrated Intel[/font][font="open sans,sans-serif,arial"] HD Graphics 3000 with the exact same issues. Tons of display corruption ( random blackouts every few seconds or horizontal graphic glitches mainly in the UI doesn't seem to affect video playback), just like the original OP but with HDMI. I didn't see anything in the logs and ended up rolling back to OE 6.0.3 because I couldn't handle the glitches). Sorry no logs to provide. I had the same problem with OE 7.0B1 as well. Anything prior to 7 works like a charm with no display issues.[/font]

    Thought maybe by upgrading to the latest version, the display issues could be fixed but still have the same issue (using LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-7.0.0.tar dated 04/25). I was only able to get the logs from the shared logs folder because I can't read any text to enable debug mode. Here is the log bundle I was able to get: - Google Drive

    As well as a photo of the interface. This happens with all skins and strangely enough, media plays fine, the issue is isolated to the GUI. Rolling back to OE 6.0.3 fixes the issue.

    Very very strange. I downloaded the file at least 5 times this morning and the file only contained the SYSTEM file. I just grabbed it again after your post and all files are there. They were definately missing from the download I got this morning:

    Anyway, thanks for the help. Now that all files are there, I was able to upgrade and install normally

    6.0.3 to 7? I don't think so. Was enlarged before I think.

    But he might want to check how much place is left on the /storage partition. Maybe it is not enough to unpack the tar.


    My root partition was 256MB, I increased it to 512MB via Gparted.

    The contents for the .tar file are:

    LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-7.0.0 _____
    | -> licenses -> numerous TXT files
    | -> target -> SYSTEM

    For storage, my Storage partition is 28.4GB with 9.2GB Used and 19.1GB Available

    Still having the issue after the system partition was resized to 512. Like I say, the TAR does extract and I see SYSTEM in the Update folder, it just isn't taking.

    My system is a MAC Mini 2012 version w/ 8GB of RAM running Openelec from a 32GB USB Key


    I am currently running Openelec 6.0.3 and want to upgrade to Libre 7. I downloaded the .tar Openelec manual Generic build and placed it in my Update share. After I reboot I get a message saying "Found new .tar archive. extracting.... " and then a message stating "missing KERNAL or SYSTEM.... normal startup in 10s". When I look at the Update folder, there is a single file called "SYSTEM" but subsequent reboots just boot straight into Openelec. I tried transferring the file via WinSCP to the .update folder with the same issue. Any ideas what I can do to fix this?