Failed to install dependency

  • Hello,

    It took me some time but I finally succeded to install LE v.8 on the internal memory of a Nexbox a95x and to install an alternate remote.conf for the remote to make it work.
    Now I am trying to install add-ons and I get a Failed to install dependency all the time on things as trivial as exodus.
    How can I debug?

  • I would think, just because we see those "*" you mentioned some banned add-on. Those aren't supported and we can't help if you have problems installing them. You have to ask those, who provide them.

  • Well, if for the Kodi Add-on Repository I get Could not connect to repository, what does it mean?

  • Aleks77

    Please refrain yourself from mentioning banned and illegal video streaming add-ons, or URL links to questionable tutorials on the LibreELEC forum.

    If that is a problem for you, your stay at this forum will be greatly shortened.