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    To copy to rom. Tested and working

    chmod +x installtointernal

    I have a problem with that imagem KI Pro, KII Pro and KI Plus, remote don't work
    Anyone help me please


    I tried that code and got

    One of BOOT, SYTEM, DATA or DTB partitions is missing.

    Make sure that you are using a correct device tree and a device with internal memory!

    Not all devices are compatible with installtointernal due to unsupported NAND/eMMC

    chips being used by some manufacturers.


    What does that mean? Do I need to put the installtointernal script into a specific folder? Or is it not compatible with my box (Netbox A95X) ?


    From all the versions I tried on a Netbox A95X S905x box the LibreELEC-LePotato.arm-9.0.0.img.img.gz is the only one that works.
    But the installtointernal script is missing from this version, I guess intentionally.

    Is there any way I can force the installation of this version on this box?

    Or maybe is there another similar version that can be loaded to internal?

    Thank you


    Just out of curiosity, can somebody answer these questions please?

    Why is a Kodi able to automatically change the frame rate of the output signal according to the media's frame rate when it runs on Android, Windows, and maybe other platforms, but not when running on Linux (or is it?)? LibreElec and OpenElec are not offering this feature as far as I know.

    And also, will that be possible in future builds or is that a problem inherent to Linux therefore rendering this feature impossible on LibreElec?

    Thank you

    Guys thank you for your remarks and advice. I have been using forums for a very long time, so I am accustomed with the do's and don'ts.

    I have read the FAQ, of this forum and others dealing with that same problem. I have tried what has been advised, all of it, naming the file remote.conf and also sometimes rc_maps.cfg, depending on who you ask. I have tried putting it in the /storage/.config folder and also in the /storage/.config/rc_keymaps folder depending on who you ask. I have tried countless files downloaded from a lot of different sources. I have even changed the batteries on the remote, mind you. And still, it does not work.

    I am feeling stupid going after these instructions, blindfolded.

    What I am lacking here is 2 things:

    - how can I make sure that I have the right conf file and then restricts the tests to one and only one file?

    - how can I monitor the process of loading the file by LE ? This to make sure I am actually loading something


    I have a Nexbox A95X that worked without a hitch with the remote control using some release of 8.0.2, I don't remember which.

    Then the box refused to work with the remote as late as 8.0.2e.

    Note that I always ran LE from the internal memory.

    I did a complete wipe of all the data and internal memory and then I installed the 8.1.1 build.

    It works great but still no remote support.

    I found a remote.conf for the A95X on the net and put it in the rc_keymaps folder as explained, still no luck.

    How can I debug the problem?

    I don't have a Windows computer. If your Windows computer can R/W your SD card, then you ought to be able do it.

    Out of the box, my SD card only has a single VFAT partition. It's where I first extracted an LE tarred file (IIRC, it was LE 8.0.0). When I first plugged the SD card into my MXQ Pro system, the uboot processed the LE files and then booted the LE. During the 1st booting process, I believe it created a 2nd partition with an EXT4 file system and mounted the partition to /storage. From there on, whenever there is a new update available, I just ssh into /storage/.update directory. Then, use wget to download the new LE tarred file and reboot my MXQ Pro to get it updated with the new LE version.

    During the last uprade with 8.2 ODroid C2 tarred file, the upgrade went smooth. However, after upgrade was done, my MXQ Pro rebooted and stayed in the splash screen. To resolve this problem, I did the following:

    • I unplugged the power and removed the SD card.
    • Plugged the SD card into and SD slot on a Linux computer.
    • Used http://fsck.vfat/fsck.ext4 to check and clean the LIBREELECT/LIBREELECT_DISK partitions, respectively, on the SD card before mounting them.
    • Mounted the LIBREELECT partition.
    • Changed directory to where the LIBREELECT partition was mounted. In this case, it was mounted on /mnt directory.
    • Renamed the existing dtb.img to dtb.img.sav.1 as a backup, and used the wget to download the gxbb_p200_1G_mxq_pro_4k.dtb and renamed it to dtb.img.
    • Issued a sync to flush out the buffer memory to write to the SD card.
    • Changed directory out of the /mnt directory and umounted the SD card.
    • Took the SD card and plugged it into the SD slot on my MXQ Pro.
    • Plugged in the power to boot into LE 8.2 ODroid C2 sans (passed beyond the splash screen).

    I think that you boot and load from your SD card whereas I have transferred LE to the internal memory.

    If so my being stuck needs another kind of solution.

    I just unplugged my SD card and do the update of my dtb.img file over a Linux computer.

    Well, I don't have a Linux computer.

    Can that be done on a Windows 10 PC?

    What do you actually have on your SD card?

    And something is unclear to me. After it was bricked, did you manage to actually boot into 8.2? Or did you manage to reload a previous load?

    For those interested, I uploaded a first preview 8.2 build with Nougat kernel: [Testing] LibreELEC 8.2 for S905/S905X

    Hello. I was running 8.0.2e on a Nexbox A95X, very smoothly I must say.

    And I don't know why I tried to load 8.2.

    Well.... now it's bricked.

    Won't go past the Nexbox splash screen.

    What is my quickest recovery option Please?

    I can access the boot menu and the "Apply update from EXT" option, but what file should I put on the SDcard? It does not accept the .img.gz format apparently.


    Anybody here that tried to flash a Tronsmart Vega S95 TVbox?

    I flashed mine, as it seems successfully, I even found a good mapping for the remote.

    The problem is that almost all the add-ons refuse to install.

    They fail on missing dependency.

    And I am starting to wonder if it is maybe a bad management of the internal memory or something like that.

    What do you think?


    I have a Tronsmart S905 box loaded with 8.01k, back then using Winscp without a problem. Today I am trying to update it to the latest version and I am failing to connect via SSH, or FTP. It just refuses all connections.

    Any idea how to solve that?

    Or maybe is there another way to seed the update file into the .update/ directory?


    I have 2 Tronsmart Vega S905 and one Nexbox a95x. I moved all of them to LE 8 installed internally. The benefit is huge. The speed is a big difference.
    I have 2 problems though:
    - did the auto frame rate switching disappear on the 8.0.1k version? or was it never on LE to begin with?
    - although I set the video calibration perfectly whenever I play something the screen spills over on all sides, almost hiding buttons. Is that something anybody encountered?


    It took me some time but I finally succeded to install LE v.8 on the internal memory of a Nexbox a95x and to install an alternate remote.conf for the remote to make it work.
    Now I am trying to install add-ons and I get a Failed to install dependency all the time on things as trivial as exodus.
    How can I debug?