What's the best box to buy to get an excellent Dolby sound and a smooth 4K images?

  • I would like to use LibreELEC Os that is a splendid operating system.. but i would like a hardware well supported and used at its best!

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks a lot!

    Nick :D

  • You want excellent sound and smooth 4k ?
    My opinion:
    1. You need "more power"
    2. You need excellent AVR & loudspeakers

    I spent a lot of time using this cheap chinese boxes bases on Amlogig chipset -> It´s a DYI system

    s905x box vs. Kaby Lake Notebook
    Playing problemfiles(banding, stuttering etc.) reported by other users
    Then playing ripped UHD movies

    What´s better than more power ?
    Just "more power"

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  • I got a Bose LifeStyle System and a Sony Bravia TV.. i just looking for a good Dolby passthrough device to get the right sound! :)

  • digital sound via HDMI is working good with every box.
    4k video is the first problem, HDR the next problem

    Best choice for me -> s905x box

    s912 = experimental -> Minix U9-H

    Don´t need HDR ?
    Minix U1 based on s905 chip

    Want Power ?
    Intel NUC

  • Thanks for your analysis! :)

    digital sound via HDMI is working good with every box.

    Not true.. i got a X96 and a T95Z Plus.. sound is 99% only PCM.. very rarely Dolby 2.0 and DTS 5.1 working!


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  • WeTek Hub or WeTek Play2. Those are officially supported and you have dual boot LE and Android.

  • I can´t test every s905 box :cool:
    digital sound via HDMI is no big problem
    Maybee the communication between box and AVR is the problem

  • Now the choice went to -> WeTek Hub 4K UHD

    NUC is powerful but i don't have the space for it.. so i need a small device!

    .. and reading your suggestions and other reviews.. this is the best compromise :)

    Thanks! :D