Chromium autostart during boot, even if disabled?

  • I got Chromium installed on my LibreELEC system. The problem is that it autostarts and since I don't use a mouse or keyboard by default (I use a remote). I then have to plug in a mouse and shut down Chromium, to see the Kodi interface.

    Even if I disable the Chromium addon this happens. I don't know if this has to do with Couchpotato addon, or if it's just that it's the latest tab or start tab set for me.

    Someone else that got this problem?


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    Chromium is not designed to autostart, so something about your Kodi box is different.
    Get us a full kodi.log, so we may see what is going on.

  • Check your addons, one of them is probably starting chromium on boot. Sickrage and sonarr does this iirc