LibreElec for minix u9-h?

  • Hi guys ,

    does someone tried to run LibreElec on minix u9-h from sd card?

    Is it possible?

    thanks in advance

  • Amlogic S912H processor, Mali T-820 GPU

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  • This has been mentioned in other threads. It works perfectly.

  • That depends on your definition of perfectly. Our official view is that it's a hack to be discouraged. It is not perfect.

  • Far from perfect infact with numerous issues....

    And its only going to get worse for LE S912's as we move forward to Kodi v18 Leia adding new features like Kodi DRM video streaming - see my recent S912 DRM testing post.

    The only guys I can possibly see getting linux GPU video drivers for AML S912's are WeTek - as they can licence such drivers and tie those drivers to their own specific hardware platform(s).

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  • whe i type in terminal reboot update i got error access denied. I didin figured it out to start from sd. Maybe i have to try with the reset button?