Worked great on SD card, install to NAND failed

  • Sorry if this question is asked over and over, but I've been searching for days now and really can't figure it out on my own.

    I have 2 MQX Pro's which are pretty crappy the way they come out of the box, so I soon started experimenting with LibreELEC on SD cards created with the LibreELEC SD card tool. One of them gave me some headaches because the remote.conf I extracted from the android root didn't work for LibreELEC. Eventually I got it working by using the remote.conf for a Mini M8S II and remapping some keys.

    In the end I got 2 fully working boxes that worked great with their own LibreELEC SD card and I was ready to install it to NAND.
    I opened up terminal on OS X, SSH’d into LibreELEC’s IP, entered installtointernal followed by a yes and a y if I remember correctly, and in the end I got this message:

    All done! You can now continue using your LE system or type "rebootfromnand" to reboot from internal memory.WARNING: If your internal memory layout is different from standard Amlogic, you have to reboot and perform this operation again!

    So I rebooted with rebootfromnand with the SD card still inserted, when it was booted I turned it off with my remote, took out the SD card and fired it up again. Only, nothing happened :p The screen just stayed black. I tried booting from SD card again and that works, but my remote no longer works and the Kodi displayed is not my custom Kodi but a fresh start with no addons.

    Now I don’t know if LibreELEC is installed on the NAND and just won’t boot without the SD or if I’m running LibreELEC from the SD card. I can still login with terminal and Filezilla but how to tell if I'm accessing the NAND or the SD card?

    At this point I don’t really know what to do since the tutorial I followed doesn’t cover this. Should I try starting all over again with a fresh SD card and the toothpick method or can I still fix this through SSH with terminal or Filezilla?

    Any help or link to a tutorial that works for my box is greatly appreciated!

    EDIT: I just checked the SD card and my remote.conf is still present so I don't understand why it doesn't work. There are also 2 new files created on the SD card during the process: recovery20170427215040.img & dtb20170427215040.img

    EDIT 2: after checking my SD card on my laptop, I unplugged the box, inserted the card and plugged it back in and now I'm seeing my custom Kodi again so I did run it from NAND before, it just doesn't boot without the SD card present. I'm guessing I have to ssh the correct device tree and remote.conf to some folder on the NAND before it runs without the SD card?

    EDIT 3: I tried installtointernal again but this time chose no when asked if I wanted to copy user data to internal memory. When entering rebootfromnand it booted into a fresh start with working remote! I rebooted without the SD card and now it works with remote and everything so my problem is solved :)

    However, I'm curious if it has something to do with this line: 'WARNING: If your internal memory layout is different from standard Amlogic, you have to reboot and perform this operation again!'. Can someone tell me more about it?

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  • Interesting, I had the exact same issue with my MXQ Pro, but I already tried your fix and it didn't work. No matter what I do, it always needs the sd card (or usb drive) inserted to work. I also tried running installtointernal twice as instructed, but only ended up with the same result. I'm going to reflash my box's firmware (doesn't boot to anything anymore), create a new sd card and try again.