Boot problem

  • I am new to this but want to install the software on a USB stick and boot from my minix neo x8-h plus.

    I used the creation software as suggested and followed the instructions.

    I have tried the reset on my box to boot from the USB, but it keeps booting to the main Minix menu or the configuration page.

    Am I wrong in assuming that the creation software puts a boot config on the USB?

    Am I missing a step? Another forum member said have to create multi boot?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hardest device to find instructions for, however newsgroup posts claim it can.

    Problem I have is I hear different answers about Libreelec and whether the software creates a bootable USB or not.

  • Creator just writes disk image to USB. If this image is good to boot from I have no idea. Maybe some amlogic guys will comment.


  • I'm having the same issue here, created USB fine with app boot into recovery and reboot with no luck loading from USB.