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    I am trying to set this up as well, followed above but as you can see in the picture the reboot and reboot from internal are mushed together. So it will only reboot.

    Can you help me space it so it is separated?

    Much Appreciated.

    Is your internet working? I can boot into LE with the usb but my wired internet is not working and there is no option for wireless (not that I really want that). Something strange is going on but Balbes is very clever and I am sure he will work it out when he has some spare time. :)

    I had the same problem when I updated to the newer version. Boots fine but no internet at all hard wired. Had to go back to older version 06-14 to get things working.

    Any chance you could upload your working image for me to try, as I don't need wifi. I have the same box and balbes150 hasn't been around to update to kodi 17.3 yet.


    I have a Minix NEO X8-H Plus.

    Does anyone have the LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.0.2-X8H-PLUS.img working on this box.

    I tried to install it but it comes up with a Not Compatible message. Since the file says 802 and the box is 812?

    I gather I need to use a .noncompat file in the update folder, but want to make sure this is okay.


    Update I tried the image with no compat but it does not work. It starts to boot then the box shuts off.

    1. Updated test image for Minix (20170514).
    2. Question to those who uses the image MXIII_Plus, please compare how it will work the way LAN1000. Is there a difference in behavior. I want to leave one of these options. I have both work the same.

    2- Minix X8-H Plus with MXIII_Plus was getting random system lockups, LAN1000 for last 6 hours no freezes and no lockups. Strong and steady

    Thanks for the hard work on these builds.


    I use the Librelec USB-SD Creator
    If I use the 04/18 image LibreELEC-S812.MXIII_Plus.arm-8.0.2.img everything boots fine
    If I update or start a new install of 05/13 the filesystem corruption error occurs
    Replacing the Kernel image the filesystem corruption error does not occur.

    Playing around with this I discover that if I take the Kernel image from the working image from April and use it on the images from May the boot proceeds. However it stalls because it fails to load kernel modules.

    Interesting that the file system corruption error does not appear.

    Must be something has changed in the Kernel image?

    Loaded 5/10 8.02 version with .tar file and updated without issue. Now tried updating to 5/13 8.02 version with .tar file and won't boot. Error msg during boot regarding failed Kernel load. Clean install with 5/13. .gz file with dtb installed and working normally.

    are you using a Minix X8H-Plus ?

    Which file are you using since there at 4?

    usb or sd card


    Yes wifi module AP6335 >bcm4339

    I turned off the box inserted sd card then put a paperclip in the reset.
    Turned on box and when green logo appears released the power button then released paperclip.

    The box then booted normally and the next time I turned it on if the sd card is in the slot it boots to the liberlec from sd card.

    If I remove the sdcard it boots from internal memory.

    The image from May boots no problem, but the newer images give the error.

    I have tried to get a usb to boot with the same method but it will not.

    I have tried both USB slots, but it always boots from internal memory.