Which 2,5' USB 3TB hard drive and format?

  • Hello,

    Question is basically in the topic: I have a NAS which I'm thinking about removing (or simplifying it) and therefore I was thinking about buying a USB hdd to work with my rpi3. It should be used to store series and tvheadend recordings (files bigger than 4 gb!) and of course should it be possible to share it via samba for putting files on it. Last and import topic: the rpi should be able to put it to sleep after 30 min of not using it...

    Should be fairly simple, however I have two questions:

    1) is there any hardware you would recommend? I would possibly go for this one: WD 3TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive - USB 3.0: Amazon.de: Computer & Zubehör

    2) what data format should I use? I have windows and Linux systems, so probably ntfs (or Exfat?)?


  • So you would like to drop your NAS to use the Pi and add NAS functionality to it?

    What is wrong with your current NAS? Why not keep it?

    As the mentioned USB HDD you linked above has USB 3.0 there would be no benefit on RPi side, because the RPi don't have USB 3.0 plugs.

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  • Well my NAS hardware is broken and I question if I should rebuy one and install everything again or just do the simple solution and use it like before... And tvheadend seemed to work better with USB drive then samba share from NAS...

    I don't want real NAS functionality on the rpi, I just want the samba share to put files via network on it...

    I am sure rpi can't use USB3 but my pc can and therefore first writing will be faster...and maybe rpi4 has usb3 [emoji6]

    What do you think about the data format of the hdd?

  • I've been using a WD 2TB passport for years without any issues, so I don't expect the elements to be any less reliable.

    Remember you'll need a powered USB hub as I wouldn't trust the USB double power for HDD.

    I've used NTFS and EXT4 without any problems. If you want to use it for native file transfers from Windoze, then go for NTFS, if it will only be via SMB then use EXT4.

  • Thanks, NTFS it is [emoji6]

    Is the power supply not fixed with the rpi3? I thought this was a rpi 2 issue?

    It is but I wouldn't trust it for a HDD - I might be proved wrong by others. You'll need to check what other USB peripherals are in use and whether you have a constant 5V power supply with sufficient amperage to supply all of them .