TPLink Archer T4U (v2 - AC1300) issue

  • So once the PR is approved and merged do we need to wait for the next 8.0.x release to get this driver going or is there any way to get it with current 8.0.2 ?

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    There is no plan to build any more 8.0.x releases so you'll be waiting for 8.2.0 which I'd guess is sometime we start working on in late July with release in August. I suggest one of you spin up a custom 8.0.2 image with the change.

  • Hi marcvangend, did you compile a version of 8.0.2 with this push implemented, right ? Mind to share it so I can test it too ? Compile is not one my skills so far...

  • Can someone point me on the right direction to spin up this custom version ?, cause I'm not sure how. Maybe I can do it.... or at least die trying :)