HDR - Will it ever be supported?

  • I am fully aware that we are currently limited in the HDR content we can view, with only a few demos being available.

    However, I am wondering if HDR would be possible with LibreElec for the s905x at some point in the future, or is this something that simply won't happen for the device.

  • From what I have understood from the reports of other people, playback of hevc main10 hdr content works with libreelec on S905X. It is not supported, as the main developer has no way to test hdr playback. So if it stops working in the future due to some kernel or kodi change, he has no way to test fixes.

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  • Thanks guys, you have just given me a massive headache in terms of what device to use as my media center ;)

    Might be time to retire my Shield.