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    Do you mind sharing that build? Also have an mk808b+ and just need any version with working bluetooth and wifi.

    Would it be possible to grab an openelec and libreelec zip, ideally not a tar but beggars can't be choosers, I'll take anything at this point.

    Also, it's been such a long time since I've played around with these it's become a bit of a blur, device tree is only relevant for s90x?

    I am fully aware that we are currently limited in the HDR content we can view, with only a few demos being available.

    However, I am wondering if HDR would be possible with LibreElec for the s905x at some point in the future, or is this something that simply won't happen for the device.

    Thank you kindly for your work on the build, working flawlessly (including bluetooth) for my needs and can now retire the s805.

    I mentioned this in another thread, but for anyone with an mk808b pro, do yourself a massive favour and just use the k1 plus device tree, you will save yourself a massive headache with random crashes.

    I have had this problem all the way up until .007 with an mk808b pro, after a while all menus would lag and it appeared my network had been disconnected, requiring a reboot.

    For me the problem was with the .dtb, as the mk808b pro only has Amlogic images and thus I had to test all of them to find a working one. It seems very sensitive, even to the point where one dtb would not allow me to install an update as it would fail during install (possible corruption?).

    The only one that works fully and stops this problem with my device is the k1 plus version, an easy way to test if it's working correctly is to network into the box and transfer a file over 100mb, it will soon crash around 20mb if not.

    I would highly recommend people who are having crashes to do the same, I think there are more people with this issue who simply havent reported it.

    Edit: Maybe relevant, I mentioned in my post about a dtb which would not allow me to flash an update, in my testing from 006 to 007 I did flash a dtb which had no wifi on 006, yet when it updated to 007 it did.

    I just tried 003 on my mk808b pro.

    As mentioned previously in this thread, it appears you can't use the toothpick method - it will refuse to boot until you let go of the button, then will boot into android, the fix has also been posted by JonSnow in the thread (thanks).

    The loading of libaries and images takes significantly longer compared to the mk808b plus, but haven't had the device long enough to know if this is a hardware issue so with speed test the cards. I am also getting the odd freeze of around 10 seconds, this is on a class 10 micro sd card. It's currently not detecting bluetooth, despite me trying various times (works fine with a USB dongle).

    I would like to say that the changing of refresh rate is much, much better using the pro in terms of speed, and once you're in a video there are no issues. A massive thank you for the hard work you have done in getting this up and running.