LE8 Generic hangs or reboots

  • Hi.

    I'm using LibreElec 8.0 Generic on my UpBoard, a Intel Atom x5-Z8350 based RPi like Board. (Up Board | Power Up Your Ideas! - Specifications)

    I'm using it with Yatse as Remote. After turing on the HTPC using WakeOnLan, i directly started an movie. After a few seconds the HTPC just turned off.
    I started the HTPC again using WakeOnLan. Started the movie. The HTPC turned off.

    On the third try the HTPC freezed a few seconds after starting the movie.

    This is the first time the HTPC turned off or freezed this fast. Somethimes i can view a hours before something like that happens. It often crashes shortly after an Yatse-Action.

    The log-file is attached.

    Any idea?

  • Cherry trail is poorly supported on Linux, official hdmi audio code for example is coming in 4.11. There isn't much the LE team can do other than backport future fixes and upgrade the kernel.