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    I found a solution that works for me. Not perfect, but better than all the reboots.

    I wrote a script which toggles the output device using xrandr.

    I'm calling it using the System.exec command through the YaTse-Remote (Android). The sleep is only necessary if i execute the script through kodi.

    Hi again.

    The DP Cable doesn't solve the problem. Now i bought an Asrock BeeBox with an i5 7200U. It has two fullsize HDMI and one fullsize DP. I'm not a big fan of asrock, but i will give it a try.

    With the BeeBox i managed to switch the Displays. But it's not realy simple...

    First of all i had to enable the "Blank other displays"-Options.

    If "Default" is selected as output device, booth, the PC-Monitor and the TV is are used. Because of different resolutions the TV doesn't show the whole picture.

    In this state i have the option to select HDMI1 (TV) and DP1 (PC-Monitor).
    If i select DP1, the TV is turning off and the PC-Monitor is output device.
    If i select HDMI, the TV and the Monitor turning off. I have to accept the new setting without seeing the dialog and reboot the device. After the reboot HDMI1 (TV) is the only output device.
    Now the only available output devices are Default and HDMI1 OR DP.

    If i want to switch to the other TV/Monitor: I have to enable Default and reboot to see HDMI1 and DP again. After this i can select DP1/HDMI again, as described before.

    Is there a easier way to switch the output device? Without rebooting the Box 1-2 times?


    i'm using a NUC7i3BNK with 1 Monitor (LG 34UM95P) and 1 TV (Sony KD 55XD8505).

    OnBoard HDMI Port -> Pulse Eight HDMI-CEC/USB Adapter -> TV
    MiniDP/USB TypeC -> HDMI Adapter -> Monitor

    I want to switch the output device in the system settings. Only one Display should be active at a time.

    On Default, the output seems to be mirrored on booth output devices using the resolution-settings from the TV.

    The other two options are DP1 and DP2.

    DP1 is the same as Default. DP2 gives me booth Displays black until i restart the nuc.

    Any ideas?


    currently i'm using an UpBoard (RPi like board with intel x5 z8350), wich doesn't run stable. One told me that CherryTail isn't well supported on linux.

    That's why i need a new LE-Box.

    My requirements are:
    - It must be wakeable through WOL (by Yatse (Android Remote))
    - It must be fast. My Movie-DB has about 8k entries. On most Android-Devices it takes ~30 sec to open it.
    - It would be great to have 2 Video Outputs (1*HDMI and 1*HDMI or DP)
    - H265 should be supported
    - LE should run stable
    - HDMI CEC would be nice, but is not required since i'm own a Pulse Eight Adapter.
    - Price should be < 400€/$, lower is better ;-)

    Any Idea?


    I'm using LibreElec 8.0 Generic on my UpBoard, a Intel Atom x5-Z8350 based RPi like Board. (Up Board | Power Up Your Ideas! - Specifications)

    I'm using it with Yatse as Remote. After turing on the HTPC using WakeOnLan, i directly started an movie. After a few seconds the HTPC just turned off.
    I started the HTPC again using WakeOnLan. Started the movie. The HTPC turned off.

    On the third try the HTPC freezed a few seconds after starting the movie.

    This is the first time the HTPC turned off or freezed this fast. Somethimes i can view a hours before something like that happens. It often crashes shortly after an Yatse-Action.

    The log-file is attached.

    Any idea?


    after installing v7.90.009 ALPHA on my WeTek Core, CEC doesn't work anymore. It worked great with Alpha 8 and 7.0.2.

    The Kodi log says:
    00:47:09.245 T:2891977632 ERROR: CecLogMessage - error opening serial port 'Amlogic': No such file or directory
    00:47:09.245 T:2891977632 ERROR: CecLogMessage - could not open a connection (try 1)
    00:47:12.080 T:2891977632 ERROR: CecLogMessage - error opening serial port 'Amlogic': No such file or directory
    00:47:12.080 T:2891977632 ERROR: CecLogMessage - could not open a connection (try 2)
    00:47:13.970 T:2891977632 ERROR: CecLogMessage - error opening serial port 'Amlogic': No such file or directory
    00:47:13.970 T:2891977632 ERROR: CecLogMessage - could not open a connection (try 3)
    00:47:15.230 T:2891977632 ERROR: CecLogMessage - error opening serial port 'Amlogic': No such file or directory
    00:47:15.230 T:2891977632 ERROR: CecLogMessage - could not open a connection (try 4)
    00:47:16.235 T:2883589024 ERROR: OpenConnection - could not opening a connection to the CEC adapter
    00:47:16.235 T:2891977632 ERROR: CecLogMessage - could not start CEC communications

    The TV is a Samsung. I don't know it's Modelnumber. But since the errors also occured with my LG Monitor, i don't think it's caused by the TV.


    I installed LibreELEC v7.90.009 ALPHA on my WeTek Core. It's a clean install to the nand, no update.

    First i tried to change the language. But there was no other language listed but English. I also can't see any Addon to install.

    The Network settings seems to be ok. The Core is connected by a wire. I can access the Wetek core via Samba and SSH. Via SSH i can ping

    I also tried to install the same version to a microSD. No difference.

    Any idea?


    I installed 7.0.2 Stable. Also no difference.

    I updated 7.0 to 7.90.007 on my UpBoard a few weeks ago. Bad idea …
    A lot of auto reboots while watching movies or while navigating through the menu. Updating to 7.09.008 seems to have a negativ effect. The reboots are much more frequence and i also had some freezes while looking a movie or while it was paused.
    Intel® Atom™ x5-Z8350
    Intel® HD 400 Graphics ,12 EU GEN 8, up to 500MHz Support DX*11.1/12, Open GL*4.2, Open CL*1.2 OGL ES3.0, H.264, HEVC(decode), VP8
    64 GB eMMC
    4GB DDR3L-1600
    Other specs here: Up Board | Power Up Your Ideas! - Specifications