libreelec fs-resize command fails on 32gb card raspberri pi3

  • Hello Everyone
    I have this problem I am trying to install libreelec on my raspberry pi3 . Followed the standard procedures through many youtubers
    I have a 32GB class 10 card, which after the installation process, fails when it starts the resizing process at the beginning (during the first reboot, fails on line 74).
    So kodi and everything started to work but with only 512 MB of space instead of 32GB .
    the file is called fs-resize (first reboot take some time to run through it.
    Does anyone has the same issue or know how to solve it ? It would helpful to know just the command to start the resizing process.
    Unfortunately I am new of this libreelec and also I don't know many command through the shell because is a minimal shell how to increase the space, would you please help me on it ?.

    Regards mene

  • Try a different SD card or a stronger power supply, input/output errors are often hardware related.

  • Try a different SD card or a stronger power supply, input/output errors are often hardware related.

    first you neet sd formaat in SDFormatter tool

    ASRock-j5005-j4105-,Q1900M +nvidia + pulse-eight.+ tv skysytar2HD Dvbs+vpn

  • MANUPI3:~ # df -hT
    Filesystem Type Size Used Available Use% Mounted on
    devtmpfs devtmpfs 363.4M 0 363.4M 0% /dev
    /dev/mmcblk0p1 vfat 511.7M 127.8M 384.0M 25% /flash
    /dev/mmcblk0p2 ext4 27.0M 3.7M 22.6M 14% /storage
    /dev/loop0 squashfs 117.9M 117.9M 0 100% /
    tmpfs tmpfs 368.5M 0 368.5M 0% /dev/shm
    tmpfs tmpfs 368.5M 7.3M 361.2M 2% /run
    tmpfs tmpfs 368.5M 0 368.5M 0% /sys/fs/cgroup
    tmpfs tmpfs 368.5M 256.0K 368.2M 0% /var
    tmpfs tmpfs 368.5M 0 368.5M 0% /tmp

    It is weird, everything is working fine, it is just the partition, the SDCARD is new and honestly with you I used the power supply of the IPAD with provides 2 Ampere.
    If it was an issue related to the Power It should start to read external hard drive of 512 MB (external) with no power supply only usb.
    Do you know any command to restart this resizing process ?
    Using centos for raspberry PI3 everythings (more or less) works fine. I mean It took more than 2Gb of memory but into the other system there is the possibility to resize the partition.
    Regards Manu

  • Quote

    Do you know any command to restart this resizing process ?

    Regarding to this: at master · LibreELEC/ · GitHub

    you have to ssh in and do:

    1. touch /storage/.kodi/.please_resize_me

    that´s the first step. Don´t reboot after that command. It won´t just work because of that line:

    1. if [ -d /storage/.kodi -o -d /storage/.config -o -d /storage/.cache ] ; then rm -f /storage/.please_resize_me

    That means, if one of those directories "/storage/.kodi" and/or "/storage/.config" and/or "/storage/.cache" exists, remove the file "/storage/.please_resize_me".

    So you have to rename either those directories mentioned above before the boot, or (and that would be even better) rename the complete ".kodi" folder to something else, which is the same as a complete backup of the most important parts. This is done by:

    1. mv /storage/.kodi /storage/kodi-backup

    After that you should reboot the machine and the resize should be done again.

    Hopefully that works.


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  • Thanks a lot.
    I will test later and I will let you know.
    Anyway I also managed in another way: I put the SD card into another a linux machine, I opened gparted then: (the partition was recognize as 32GB as it should be but wasn't working properly)
    1 Resized the partition reducing the space. Applyed this configuration 29 GB.
    2 Resized the partition increasing the space up to 32 GB (more or less). In this way I bascally overwrites the sector of the previous partition "at least" in terms of table map (MFT in windows, something similar in unix).
    restarting Libreelec it was able to recognize the whole space.

    Regards Manu

  • You can just delete those directories as the fs_resize process will delete and recreate the storage partition, so you will lose every item of data currently stored.

    If the fs_resize process is failing, there are four possibilities (in no particular order):
    1) Insufficient power supply
    2) SD card has failed (they have a limited number of writes, and will fail eventually)
    3) Fake SD card and it's not really 32GB capacity (test with various software tools designed to detect fake SD card)
    4) SD card is not compatible with default sdhost driver, try adding "dtoverlay=mmc" in config.txt before first boot