Common for Amlogic devices to *truly* brick (despite USB Flash)?

  • I've had several Amlogic boxes, for myself and family/friends, all of them loaded with OpenELEC or LibreELEC.

    Occasionally I run into problems and have to flash a stock firmware using the Amlogic USB Flash Tool (latest ver v2.0.7.2), and I'm back in business.

    I have 4 boxes (s905, s802, and two s812h) that won't boot, no matter how much I try to flash them. They take the stock flashes from USB Flash Tool, but they won't boot.

    In a situation like this, where the Flash Tool won't work, with not FASTBOOT available on Amlogic, is there anything else I can try? Or is this a common problem where sometimes Amlogic devices just get bricked, no amount of flashing a stock ROM to fix?

    Thank you in advance for ANY ideas!

  • I had 2 TX5Pro s905x boxes brick.

    I've sent them back to supplier for testing hardware.
    I will report back with response.

  • It's pretty unusual for devices to truly brick, but it's not impossible, and I can totally see some of the less scrupulous manufacturers using lower grade eMMC or NAND chips in their devices to save a few cents in the rush to make the cheapest box.