WeTek Core slowdown issue

  • It appears that many WeTek Core owners are experiencing a major slowdown issue with LE 8. After a reboot, everything seems to work fine. However, after some time (which varies, sometimes a few hours), the UI becomes extremely slow to respond. For me, it takes the UI about 5 seconds to respond to each button press. When playing a video, the framerate is limited to around 1 fps. A reboot temporarily fixes the issue, but after a while the issue comes back.

    It appears that this issue existed in the pre-releases, and is still a problem in LE 8. The related posts on the WeTek forums is here:

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    I experienced this issue a couple days ago and rebooted the machine with debugging turned on. After a day of idling, the issue did not appear. I (unfortunately) then disabled debugging to watch a video. The video finished, and a few minutes later, I noticed the slowdown. I then re-enabled debugging with the hopes to capture something in the log. My apologies if the log does not reveal what triggered the issue. I will try to capture another log tonight.

    Below is a link to the log that I have. I believe the interesting stuff starts to happen around 20:23:01.091 T:3035886144:


    WeTek Core
    Hard-wired gigabit ethernet
    Media hosted on NAS mounted via NFS

  • Thanks for your help.

    I watched this video on youtube (LibreElec has their own channel)

    And it showed how to use Putty to SSH into LibreElec, you can copy the commands from the other thread and Paste them by right clicking in the terminal window. That way you don't have to worry about typos. Make sure you don't have any extra spaces at the beginning or the end.

    Is this something that will be fixed or will Wetek Core users have to do this to run the latest version of LibreElec?