• Hi,

    I compile the vmware version (compressed file with system+kernel) but how can I get vmdk file ?

    Thx by advance

  • Use the script in the release tarball on a Linux system, e.g.

    ./create_virtualimage /home/user/VM 2048 vdi 512
  • I found actual .img file on this site and used the qemu convert command on a linux mint. On a vmware workstation that boots with a short glimpse on the LibreELEC Logo and then black screen....

    May be the generic-grafics are not able to work on a virtual machine ?
    Any more explanation from the experts how LibreELEC can be tested on which virtual ?


  • Have a play with the acceleration settings in vmware. Kodi needs 3d graphics acceleration.

  • In esxi some people can passthrough a graphics card to a VM, and the you could install LE

    Here a list of sucessfull graphics cards working in esxi  

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  • Got a 7.0.2 image working by running the installer with QEMU onto a VMDK.

    Problem is with Audio. No sound at all. The audio output device is greyed out, The VMWARE default sound driver isn't recognized.

    The solution is to manually edit the .vmx configuration and make sure the sound settings are as follows:

    sound.present = "TRUE"
    sound.filename = "-1"
    sound.autodetect = "TRUE"
    sound.virtualdev = "hdaudio"

    sb16 and es1371 virtual devices don't seem to work.

    OSMC on ATV1
    Jarvis on Android Marshmallow

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  • That's because the download page only advertises things we officially/formally support and the vmware OVA image exists for developer functional testing and making instructional videos to put on YouTube.

  • Ok, how in the next time I could find out the link to the latest build without asking you? :)

  • Is there a possibility to enable hardware acceleration for video plack? In VMWare workstation settings it is enabled, but it says "You must update Tools to enable 3D acceleration in this virtual machine"


    Kodi 18.9 x64 Windows | LibreELEC 8.2.3 MX-III 2GB S802 by Demetris | CoreELEC 9.2.5 Amlogic-ng S905X

  • If you have a secondary GPU which can be exclusively passed-thru to the VM, then yes, but otherwise no. The VM image is created for functional testing and development work not playback.