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    Have any of you had any luck finding a Kodi 18 version which works with these boxes. I've tried all *Elec versions that I can find and none of them boot on this box. Demetris's LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.2.3-MXIII-1G.img is the last working image I can find.

    Demetris built an initial batch of 9.0 build for MX-IIIPlus and S82 devices such a MX-III2G. He hasnt updated them for the latest LE 9.0.1 yet
    You can get those builds here

    Damn, I need help. My box is MXIII (S802 2GB) Some time ago managed to install Remix and LibreElec 8.2.3 (S82 build, worked great), then started to play with Lakka 2.1.1 S82 and decided to install to nand. All good. Now, months later, I want to try "again" LibreElec 8.2.3 and I cant for the life of my boot from SD nor Pendrive. Flashed the IMG, put "" and "remote.conf", and cant boot with the damn toothpick. If I use a SD card, it says filesystem corrupted, and if I use pendrive, it goes to recovery or boots directly to Lakka.

    Could someone describe the exact and precise process to boot again from SD or Pendrive?

    I also want to try 9.0... but fisrt 8.2.3


    In such cases, you need to start with Android Image again. USB Burning tool is your friend

    ok guys since my devices have updates mixed up as i flashed custom bootloaders on them i will try to revert to oem amlogic bootloader that all of you have and try again to produce working images for all people :)

    Sorry for the mess i caused for some of you.

    Will take a while though, do you want the released images removed in the mean time? Let me know.

    Thanks Demetris , Please take your time and release a stable version when you are ready. To add into the mix, Kodi 18.1 is out, so please wait and build when LE upstream is ready with 18.1

    I am happy with 8.2.3 for now and eagerly waiting for the LE9.x stream

    I will try to release images for only for the two devices i own


    - S82/S82B/S82H/MXIII/S89/S89H

    and that's it

    Please, any chance of doing it for MXIII-1GB, only if possible.

    Thanks a lot, for the S82 image. Much appreciated. will try it this weekend

    Because it's the only one that works properly on my M8 box. All the more recent versions have very high CPU usage at all times which affects interface speed, playback etc.

    Yes, I had the same issue on the newer ones. If you connect to the box though ssh and run `top` you most probably would see a process called brcmpatch using 100% of one of the cores. To get rid of the issue I had to do a reset config in LE settings. a reboot after that, it was all fine. You will lose all your settings though including any kodi addons that you may have installed.

    8.2.3 is the latest version and even that is from almost a year ago. Why are you using 8.0RC4?

    Lucky I'm busy yesterday and haven't done it yet. :D

    I run LE on my MX-III from internal emmc only. Android is completely gone but can easily be putback using amlogic usb burn tool if ever needed.

    However I do not do 'installtointernal'

    The way I did is by starting with Drieschel's build which gets intalled from sdcard to internal by default. And then upgrade it to Demtris' build using the standard LE upgrade procedure
    Drieschel's build is from this thread

    I added the controller file & the GUID so it should work out of the box in future builds. What games did you run for example? I only have an arcade set and this runs all games fine but there are no coleco games included.

    Which games do you play and what emulator do you us

    Basically try to run games in ES because the emulators tied to the systems should work. If you want to use RA check your es_systems.cfg in \\your-device\Configfiles\emulationstation to see what emulator is chosen for each platform.

    I run all games under ES only. I don't start RA or any other emulator manually

    I have relevant roms copied to the /storage/roms/<paltform> folder and they are sensed correctly by ES and I run from there

    I have the following working correctly




    MAME 2003


    ZX Spectrum

    I have tried these three but havent got it to work yet

    FBA (Colecovision, Sega 32x&Megadrive, etc)

    Amiga (the whole system hangs on launching amiga roms, have to powercycle)

    ScummVM (may be it is not supported on the Amlogic build as it doesnt even shows under ES)

    DonkeyKong and Digdug are colecovision games but they also work under MAME, so not a issue. However megadrive (Sega Arcade) is supported on FBA which I havent got it to work as the FBA core isnt running the roms on Amlogic. Will have to see if they work on x86

    I don't have a PS4, I bought a PS4 DS4v2 controller just to use with LE RR :thumbup:

    Okay, so I had to do two things.
    1. Edit the stock es_input.cfg and insert the codes for the new deviceGUID. This makes the controller work inside EmulationStation

    2. Create Sony-PlayStation4-DualShock4v2-Controller-Bluetooth.cfg file and copy it to /storage/.config/retroarch/autoconfig/udev

    Restarted the box and now the controller.cfg file shows up along with all the other controller configs in /tmp/autoconfig/udev.

    And the controller now works perfectly inside both emulation station and retroarch with keyboard attached.

    I have attached both files (had to add .txt for attaching, please remove .txt), so you can include them in the next release if possible, so the new DS4v2 controller will work out of the box for everyone ;)

    Thanks a lot for your patience and helpful instructions, it is now working great.

    PS: in FBA core I tried with ROMs but they dont start. I am just trying a couple of coleco roms. Do I need to put any BIOS file anywhere?

    Have you all bios files? Atari - 5200 (Atari800) - Libretro Docs

    Well I guess Sony made some changes so your controller is slightly diffrent & not recognized correctly. Can you reboot your system, log into a terminal & enter dmesg | paste then upload the link? I can try to check if they changed the vendor or product id.

    Here is the dmesg output

    Here is contents of bios directory

    1. # ls -l /storage/roms/bios
    2. total 51
    3. -rwxr--r-- 1 root root 2048 Mar 7 1997 5200.ROM
    4. -rwxr--r-- 1 root root 8192 Mar 10 1996 ATARIBAS.ROM
    5. -rwxr--r-- 1 root root 10240 Jun 21 1999 ATARIOSA.ROM
    6. -rwxr--r-- 1 root root 10240 Mar 10 1996 ATARIOSB.ROM
    7. -rwxr--r-- 1 root root 16384 Mar 10 1996 ATARIXL.ROM

    EDIT : I found a /storage/.atari800.cfg file. I opened it and edited the following line and added the BIOS files there. I have only shown the lines that I edited. Atari5200 emulator works after that

    1. ROM_OS_A_PAL=/storage/roms/bios/ATARIOSA.ROM
    2. ROM_OS_B_NTSC=/storage/roms/bios/ATARIOSB.ROM
    3. ROM_5200=/storage/roms/bios/5200.ROM
    4. ROM_BASIC_A=/storage/roms/bios/ATARIBAS.ROM
    5. ROM_XL/XE_CUSTOM=/storage/roms/bios/ATARIXL.ROM

    You have to start the atari800/5200 and set it to 5200 in it's core options. Start again & it should work.

    Can you disconnect your controller and run retroarch just with the kb connected to see if it this works? From my experience not input is recognized at all if the controller cfg file is wrong mapped. Can you state your detailed model number of the controller?

    Thanks for the quick response

    1. Yes I have setup 5200 in the core options for the particular game. It still says no os rom. Will dig further and report back

    2. Once retroarch starts, i switched off the ps4 controller, then kbd starts working and I could go into the quick menu and change controller 1 to retropad-analog or kempston or vice and then turn on the controller again and then both kbd and controller work.

    The model number of the Sony Controller is CUH-ZCT2E


    I have installed LibreELEC-S905.arm-9.0-RR-201847-b559485-Beta16.img.gz on a Samsung EVO 32GB MicroSD and running it on a Wechip V5 S905X based device.

    It boots fine and kodi works fine

    I have a Genuine Sony PS4 Bluetooth Controller and that is paired fine with LE. I also have a usb keyboard plugged in

    When I start Emulationstation it finds the ROMS and lists the platforms correctly. I have a snes rom, a sinclair rom and a c64 rom installed for testing.

    In Emulationstation both the keyboard and PS4 Controller work fine.

    When I launch any of the roms it fires up retroarch and runs the rom correctly, the music/sound is working fine.

    However both the usb keyboard and ps4 controller dont work inside retroarch.

    Please let me know what needs to be done to get the controller+keyboard working inside retroarch

    Also please let me know where should I put the ATARI5200 BIOS files. I put them in the /storage/roms/bios folder but it still says "Atari800/OS Emulation Halted"