skin settings not saved...

  • Hmyy .... I have the same problem :-( .......LibreELEC (Jarvis 16.1-RC2) v6.95.2
    skin confluence / Aeon Nox
    the standard repo

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  • Kodi generally doesn't save settings until you shut it down. In Jarvis the save process is also subject to issues with add-ons that keep Kodi running for longer than other processes expect it to have stopped during OS shutdown/reboot; if the save ends up incomplete then on restart the XML is broken and Kodi reverts to a clean state with all settings lost. So far little has changed in Krypton. If something works/worked okay with Kodi on another OS this is the result of luck not design because the root cause is internal to Kodi itself. We are also seeing issue reports with backups that suffer similar issues. In the case of backups we are considering changing our backup process to be reboot-based to ensure Kodi is not open (and thus settings have been saved, and DB's are static) to ensure backups are good. The general issue needs to be raised further with Kodi developers; the trick being to find ears who are sypathetic to the issue and interested in coding the changes.