Good initiative!

  • Best of luck for this project from my side, as well.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed everything works out nicely.

  • Have you checked your Spam folder?

    Well, thank you guys, that was useful lol. I'm ashamed for being so noob. :shy:

  • Good luck to everyone on this new life direction... This is going to be a great thing. Long time user of OE with the awesome retroplayer. Thank you for all of your hard work [emoji2]

    RPi3+ LE v8.2 (+ HDHomeRun ATSC tuner, Tvh, Comskip, zap2epg)
    A95X LE v8.2 (kszaq)

  • I'd love to follow suit and wish you guys all the best luck with your exciting project.

    From what I can gather (and boys is it well hidden), you guys made the right decision to go it alone and as your ranks increase to get more talented people onboard, nodoubt your project will go from strength to strength!

    Well done guys, glad you made the leap!