x265 support

  • Hello all,

    I have this Intel NUC device, currently running O.E. I have been trying to watch some x265 content on it but it stuttered alot, and the audio quickly goies out of sync. I was able to play it fine on my windows Kodi install. I did some research and thought that since O.E. was not running the latest Kodi, that may be the problem. I soon after discovered LibreElec.

    I am running the current Generic build on a Live USB, plugged into the Nuc, but the result is the same: stuttering w/ audio going out of sync. I've been messing with the video calibration settings but nothing seems to work.

    Is anyone aware if this Nuc can support x265 playback, or If I need a different build of L.E.?

    Thanks for the assist.

  • HEVC support is only just being added in the new kodi. So if you try the alpha build, it might work a little better. LibreELEC Alpha/Beta Preview Builds – LibreELEC

    ah ok. Let me try that
    EDIT: Well it does not seem to be any better. Actually I am inclined to believe that my hardware may be somewhat underpowered for HEVC.

    I did notice that the confluence theme did not stutter anymore when I moved through the main menu (across Movies & TV Shows), so that's a plus

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  • Only Braswell and Skylake should have proper hevc support. So which NUC do you have?
    HEVC support in Kodi is already there since the early Jarvis builds.

  • oh man, I did not read that and check hw specs. That box has no hardware accelerator for x265. Dual core 1,1Ghz is not fast, so what you're experiencing is probably the lack of power to decode.
    Edit: Also, running from usb is not exactly optimal neither.

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  • A Celeron 847 is about 3 to 4 Intel generations old. It's a decent box for most h264 videos, but h265 is a totally different matter. Maybe the simple, low bitrate 720p videos will run, but other than that, it will not have the "oomph" to decode those hevc videos. Either stick with h264, or get some decent hevc capable hardware.