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    I think the stutter may be a video configuration issue or something. I can't recall how I had it before but I'll probably figure it out.

    But I am glad to say that I figured out the freezing of the NUC. I "believe" my "network antenna" (HDHomerun) was flooding my system with too much traffic. I stumbled across a post from the Synology website where someone was having the same issue and he discovered when he powered off his Network Antenna and rebooted his nas the problem disappeared. I did the same thing, and haven't had a problem since.

    We had a power outage and it seemed shortly after that this whole thing started. It must have sent the HDR into a tailspin.

    Are the video settings stored in the ./Userdata/ anywhere? I did copy that stuff. Perhaps I can harvest the settings from there...?

    The Freezing was occurring on the 8.9 Alpha build also. The video playback was horrendous no matter what settings I chose so I went back 8.2.5.

    I did a lot of video tweaking and nothing was helping. I then noticed immediately after it freezes, I can still pause the video. If it sits there for a minute it quits, on its own. THEN If I attempt to re-choose the video it tells me that the "File is no longer available, would you like to remove it from the library?" Naturally I say no. It was doing this all the time but I was so frustrated I wasn't even paying attention. If i choose another video it says the same thing!!! After a minute or two the ability to choose the video to resume playing is successful and I can play til the next freeze, sometimes after 10 minutes sometimes after a minute.

    So I then decided to move a video to the /Storage/video location on the NUC itself and It plays fine throughout. I did notice a gentle stutter but forgivable considering the circumstances.

    Kodi from windows plays fine. Other video apps play ffne. Seems to be streaming from libreelec that is having the issue. I didn't see any cache settings or network setting that I could change or tweak to make it better or go away. Is there anything you can think of that may help here?

    How are the videos accessed ?

    Locally or network ?

    Wired or wireless ?

    Locally over a wired network, from my personal NAS.

    Update to the 8.90.003 alpha release and retest. Even if we manage to guess what the issue is/was in 8.2.5 it will never be fixed in that release and the alpha codebase is 12+ months newer.

    OK I am game. It can't hurt :)

    EDIT: Stupid question. Where is this release? The Preview page only displays up to 8.2.0

    EDIT2: nvm i see its available from within the prior build. tks

    Hey all. I've been running this NUC for the past 4 years or so. Recently I updated to 8.2.5 and immediately started to experience video freezes, with eventually it stopping. Happens with or without hardware acceleration enabled.

    The attached debug log has the error occuring somewhere around the 20:07 timestamp.

    Any help on a configuration to try is much appreciated,

    EDIT: to be fare, originally when i upgraded and the freezing started to occur, I formatted and installed fresh which did not change the outcome of the problem.


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    Try this for the tvheadend server setup on your LibreELEC device.

    TVH (the server and the client) are both available at the libreelec add-on repo.

    For the server just brwose to add-ons->install from repository->libreelec repository->services

    For the client...add-ons->install from repository->libreelec repository->PVR clients

    Thanks to both of you.

    OK i am a little confused. I was doing some research and was thinking of getting HDHomerun to watch Live TV on my L.E. Kodi. When I installed the TVHeadend PVR Addon in the LibreElec Repo, I fouind I was unable to connect to the embedded website.

    Now I started to think that the tvheadend itself is a separate install on a third server for the Backend, but I had read somewhere that LibreElec comes with the TVH backend already, So I am not sure what exactly to think.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    I have been mildly considering getting a new media box for LibreELEC and was impressed with the Wetek options. I started doing some looking around and haven't been able to find any of the Wetek builds; i could have sworn there were some. Nor have I been able to locate any howto's or guides on flashing to microsd or nand, outside of what people have posted as questions here.

    Am i mis-understanding what I remembered?

    Well that was faster than i thought. Yesterday i went for over an hour, today not even a few minutes



    edit: the video freeze occured around 19:36

    edit2: here are some additional details. When the freeze occured, the image stayed on the screen. the logging text in the upper left continued to update. I noticed on my Kore app that the time on the video was still ticking, however I heard no sound. I paused the video, and then left to SSH into the box, creating the log. When I got back to the couch the screesaver had come on. I hit a remote key, and it broke out of the screensaver, and the focus was on the kodi tv menu, with the video not in a paused state. I was able to then re-start watching the video, however since it only made it 9-10 seconds in, Kodi didn't have a "Resume from 11 seconds" or "start from beginning" choice for the video.

    next time it stops like this I hope its much further in, I wonder if it will do the same thing.

    Hi all. Hope everone is doing well.

    So I've been on O.E. for the longest time, and recently noticed that i've been having random video freezes on my intel NUC DCCP847DYE. In looking for a solution, somewhere(?) I read that it may be a kernel bug in Kodi, and so i figured an upgrade to LibreElec. was in order. I previously did some live USB testing and was impressed.

    I am now on stable LE but i did receive another freeze, so not sure what is going on; it might just be time to hang up the 'ole nuc.

    Two questions. If it is a kodi issue, when i went from OE to LE, I did a standard upgrade from here, but perhaps it would be better to do a clean install. What do you think?

    The second question is, if i do go to another piece of hardware, what are the minimum requirements for LE? Alot of these pre-built boxes come with their own installed O.Ses. (cubox, wetec core/hub, etc.) Are we able to simply wipe those and install LibreElec, or is there more to it?

    HEVC support is only just being added in the new kodi. So if you try the alpha build, it might work a little better. LibreELEC Alpha/Beta Preview Builds – LibreELEC

    ah ok. Let me try that
    EDIT: Well it does not seem to be any better. Actually I am inclined to believe that my hardware may be somewhat underpowered for HEVC.

    I did notice that the confluence theme did not stutter anymore when I moved through the main menu (across Movies & TV Shows), so that's a plus

    Hello all,

    I have this Intel NUC device, currently running O.E. I have been trying to watch some x265 content on it but it stuttered alot, and the audio quickly goies out of sync. I was able to play it fine on my windows Kodi install. I did some research and thought that since O.E. was not running the latest Kodi, that may be the problem. I soon after discovered LibreElec.

    I am running the current Generic build on a Live USB, plugged into the Nuc, but the result is the same: stuttering w/ audio going out of sync. I've been messing with the video calibration settings but nothing seems to work.

    Is anyone aware if this Nuc can support x265 playback, or If I need a different build of L.E.?

    Thanks for the assist.