intel NUC DCCP847DYE video freezes

  • Hi all. Hope everone is doing well.

    So I've been on O.E. for the longest time, and recently noticed that i've been having random video freezes on my intel NUC DCCP847DYE. In looking for a solution, somewhere(?) I read that it may be a kernel bug in Kodi, and so i figured an upgrade to LibreElec. was in order. I previously did some live USB testing and was impressed.

    I am now on stable LE but i did receive another freeze, so not sure what is going on; it might just be time to hang up the 'ole nuc.

    Two questions. If it is a kodi issue, when i went from OE to LE, I did a standard upgrade from here, but perhaps it would be better to do a clean install. What do you think?

    The second question is, if i do go to another piece of hardware, what are the minimum requirements for LE? Alot of these pre-built boxes come with their own installed O.Ses. (cubox, wetec core/hub, etc.) Are we able to simply wipe those and install LibreElec, or is there more to it?

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  • It might depend from which OE version you upgraded to LE. If from their latest stable (6.0.3) or from the beta (6.95.3) it should be fine. If you want it completely clean, just ssh and remove your .kodi folder and reboot. That's like a factory reset.

    If the OE version was older, then a clean install might be better.

    But before you might think of new hardware we should try to solve your issue, or not ;).

    So please enable debug logging in system settings, reboot your machine, try to reproduce your issue as fast as you can and then get us a Logfile:

    HOW TO:Provide Logfile - LibreELEC

    That would tell most why you're facing freezes.

  • ok i'll start with that. Not sure if it will show anything, because when I was researching, others said that te debug log didn't show anything. But it still can't hurt


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  • Well that was faster than i thought. Yesterday i went for over an hour, today not even a few minutes



    edit: the video freeze occured around 19:36

    edit2: here are some additional details. When the freeze occured, the image stayed on the screen. the logging text in the upper left continued to update. I noticed on my Kore app that the time on the video was still ticking, however I heard no sound. I paused the video, and then left to SSH into the box, creating the log. When I got back to the couch the screesaver had come on. I hit a remote key, and it broke out of the screensaver, and the focus was on the kodi tv menu, with the video not in a paused state. I was able to then re-start watching the video, however since it only made it 9-10 seconds in, Kodi didn't have a "Resume from 11 seconds" or "start from beginning" choice for the video.

    next time it stops like this I hope its much further in, I wonder if it will do the same thing.

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  • Thanks anyway but I went and formatted the disk and reinstalled fresh. So far, I have not had any trouble.