LibreELEC Krypton/Leia/Agile build for Odroid C2, Rock64, WeTek Hub, WeTek Play2

  • It's something I never tried.

    I'll give it some more testing as the wife just kicked me off the TV using the Rock64. ^^

    Hope i messed something up as this is something i thought would have been an option.

    Strange the Android works off SD Card with LE internal. First time I've had that.


  • It's something I never tried.

    Bugger !

    Pulled out the EEMC and LE Booted first run. Fresh SD Install.

    I powered off . Inserted EEMC Powered on with SD Card still inserted and the Black Screen of death.

    Anyway that's where we're at with this scenario.

    See what happens.

    I'll hang in there with LE developments but i just needed to test how Kodi stable works on my First Rockchip board.

    I tested the TV Headend Client MPEG2 streams and saw the Hardware Acceleration being used in Android so i see there is hope in future LE for these boards.

    Thanks again.:thumbup:

  • BUG rb-leia24 Wetek Play 2

    ver-addon no scan any channels on dvbs2

    do not see tps being scanned

    start scan and stop immediately

    menu does not appear if selected or not hd channels, fta channels etc ...

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  • These builds have been discontinued. Please wait for official first LE 9 alpha.

  • If users would see behind the curtain...

    Thank you Raybuntu for all the work! You have not been appreciated enough.


  • I'm really disappointed and sad to see another great Amlogic contributor leave and with the circumstances surrounding your decision, your efforts and contributions was definitely appreciated here.