install mpd server?

  • hi

    im running the official generic build 7.0.1 on my zotac ci323 htpc
    i read that mpd-server was running on openelec 5 and its kind of broken somehow.

    would it be possible to make/add a mpd-server addon.

    sorry if its a dumb question, i used to run pi2 with raspbian lite + mpd-server + Apache-webserver + kodi
    i have everything working exept mpd

    hope someone can answer my question.
    thx for the great distro

  • MPD should be backported to 7.0 (it already exists in the 8.0 repo) in the next couple of days

  • once I finish building 7.0 addons in the next ~24 hours it will simply appear in the repo

  • thx, got it running...
    one question,

    is there a possibility to control mpd via command line/ssh ?

    on ubuntu i would install mpc and control mpd via ssh (phone and ubuntu)
    or via crontab as an alarm

    i can control the mpd service via mpdroid (phone) and gmpc (ubuntu)
    it would be nice to have a ssh function.

    thx for the great work!!!!!!!!!!

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