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    Have you tried Kodi on an Intel PC? I guess some people just aren't sensitive to lag, but the difference is night and day. It's usable, but I'd never use an RPi for my primary HTPC. The menu animations on Intel simply flies, and the GUI responds instantly when buttons are pressed. I'd definitely call the RPi2-3 Kodi experience laggy (compared to no lag).

    I have both RPI-2, nvidia shield and intel htpc.
    Using confluence skin, rpi2 is only a little bit slower than the other two, but it's smooth and not laggy (except when you return to the menu with a video playing)

    But with estuary, the raspberry lags

    You would be one of the very few that is complaining.
    Perhaps you have too much other stuff running in the background.

    Or if it's a clean build, the thumbnail cache is still being populated.
    The bigger your collection(s), the longer it takes.

    It was my point.
    I didn't see comments about bad performances, so I thought it could be a tweak/configuration stuff.

    It's a clean build, and i'm using mySQL in advancedsettings.xml
    I'll retry tonight, and wait a bit too see if performance increases.

    I upgraded yesterday to the last libreelec 8 build
    The new default Estuary skin is very laggy on my rpi2. (same thing on osmc)
    So is this skin too heavy for the little raspberry?
    Or maybe some tweaks needed?thanks


    Just migrating from my previous rpi2 to a fresh rpi3.
    On my rpi2, I was using a MCE remote and irexec to trigger a start/stop kodi script when media key was pressed.
    I can't find a way to achieve the same using bluetooth.

    The best approach I found (but not tested yet) is to use cec-client to get the TV status, coupled with a cron job.
    If the tv is on, I start kodi service (otherwize I stop it)

    Is there a simplier way to do it?


    i'm a new C2 owner, and I'm quite happy with 7.1 LE
    My only concern is about chapter skipping.
    On some video files, it's not good at all.
    During 5 to 20s, audio is out of sync, video is fast then slow, ...

    On another post, someone suggests me it's a known kernel problem.
    So I tried with alpha 7.90, which has an updated kernel, but same result.