Libreelec and Lakka dual boot

  • Hey,

    i got an htpc x64 and use at the moment the latest beta version.

    I wait so long for the retroplayer but it is not already finish and i dont want to test the "Extended" Version before its not ready to use.

    So the idea kodi and retro games split.

    Is it possible to make an dual boot with libreelec generic and lakka ???

  • Sure, create 4x partitions on the drive (boot/storage for 2x OS) and install GRUB as the bootloader (easier for dual-boot than syslinux).

  • Thx chewitt for the info, is there anywhere an Tutorial how i can partitions?

    I know i have to do this with gparted.

    But how should it looks like? I got a the moment an SSD 60GB with libreelec on it.

    Is there any way to make an bootscreen where i can choose?

  • There are no tutorials that I know of for dual-boot with Lakka, but create 2x 1GB partitions for boot, and then split the remaining space roughly 50/50 for the two OS to share. Install GRUB and then configure it with appropriate boot= and disk= configurations. Then copy over the respective KERNEL and SYSTEM files and you should be in business.

  • I just put lakka on a flash drive and did the live install.

    I have LE running 24/7 but if I want to switch to lakka, I plug in and reboot (boot from usb on enabled in bios)

  • Thx Chewitt for your help!!!

    @ aptalca

    This was my first consideration to use lakka live from my USB.

    Does it run stable?

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  • Yeah, I've had no issues on an asus chromebox [emoji1] played way too much final fight and ninja turtles lol

  • OK, i run here with an selfmade htpc based on an asrock J3455...
    I think lakka will run stable with my system :D

    I thought when i boot live without install on ssd it will working slowly....

    Will test it tomorrow and report here....

    Thx for your answers

  • Hey aptalca,

    at the moment i use the latest beta of libreelec.

    I downloaded first the 32 bit then 64 bit version of lakka from the site.

    Write it with imagewriter like before and wanted to boot from USB.

    On both versions when i boot and select LIVE the bootscreen hangs on the flower.

    Dont know why?

    Which version do you use?

  • How long did you wait? I kind of remember lakka doing some stuff to the usb drive the first time live install was selected (maybe like resize image, etc.)

    Is your usb stick a usb3 drive by any chance? I had a similar issue with a usb3 drive, switching to a usb2 flash fixed it.

    I believe I'm using the 64bit image

  • I find out whats wrong.
    Lakka dont like at the moment my new board.
    I was writing with developement. They say my board isnt supported at the moment.

    I was write an issue on github and hope it will be fix